Outdated video driver problem

  • Hi there,

    upon starting the game I recieve following error message:0_1479421195199_crash1.png

    Although I just updated the drivers today and they appear to be the most recent Version ( from 16.09.2016) according to the AMD website ( Don’t know why it still says Catalyst 15.8 for the software in the message, since it got renamed to Crimson Radeon Settings, which is on Version 16.9.2 by now) the game still crashes after being about 10-15 minutes on a server.

    The game itself runs fluent, 60 fps on highest settings.

    Anyone got any idea?

  • Developer

    @IMoClol Hi, we have a known amd driver crash. Try disabling raptr, it may help.

  • @Killer-Crabs I never even got it installed since I don’t like it. If you need any more specific information on system specs I’m here to help.

  • Developer

    @IMoClol you can also make sure that your system doesnt run the new crimson app as well as the old catalyst control center/AMD Gaming Evolved. You can also turn framrate smoothing to Uncapped and turn down effects and shadow quality.

    The crash may still occur even if this is done.

    Hopefully you still have a good time with the game despite this issue.

  • I don’t run stuff like gaming evolved or similiar, because I don’t need it.

    But I ran over a what works for me as a potential fix so far, as I changed my game to be in windowed fullscreen instead of fullscreen. Maybe there is the AMD issue, played 3 full rounds without crashes so far.

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