• I noticed this time around that you can’t feint, and can only feint to parry. I was remapping my keys like last time, [E R F] for abilities, [Q] for feint, and [G] for reload. Is this a bug or are feints gone?

  • R should be default for feints.

  • Developer

    feint do not work this build if they are bound to the same key as parry, the default feint input ® should work though.

  • @Vesros i found the binding in the settings. i must have overlooked it. thanks

  • Dont feint! Only noobs use feint #Kappa

  • @Asgerbaskeren let’s please not resurrect this 4 year-old argument.

  • @Reithur Haha, I wont. But it’s still a good conversation starter

  • Feints seem a lot easier to read in this game though, the 4 feints thrown at me during this session have not been an issue at all.
    There are also abilities that can go around feints, such as vypress dash attack, most movement abilities, shove, 360 parry.

  • @Reithur Now that I have your attention. Me and some other very commited players I just met on a server talked about the block / parry being a little too “easy” to use. We felt that it covered a way bigger area meaning that it was harder to drag around parries. We came to the conclusion that it was made like that on purpose because of all the aerial attacks and flying projectiles. An example: I came up on an unaware enemy making an overhead right at him, he parried towards one of my allies and blocked both our attacks. I was striking exactly 90 degrees to the left of his view. I like the game a lot and it’s better beyond my expectations but I really liked the way Chivalry worked with the parry, that you had to be precise with the parry towards the edge of your opponents weapon. It felt more real and gave more adrenaline during combat because you had to move fast with your cursor to meet the strike.

  • Developer

    @Asgerbaskeren said in Feints:

    Abilities and melee do not share the same parry box, it was obvious very early on that many abilities didn’t play well with a tighter parry box so abilities use a larger one instead.

    Parrying melee has gone back and forth a lot in terms of how precise you have to be, this build is the easiest one to parry in that we’ve had in a while.
    Partly due to the parry box itself having changed but also due to server side tracers and parry checks having changed things up a lot (something we’re testing for the first time in this build).

    It’s great to get feedback on this as we’re still changing things a lot and we can’t fully test some of these changes before putting it live.

    Parrying last build was quite inconsistent so it being too easy and reliable to pull off now is a great problem to have.

  • yeah, I agree that parry, even though more reliable this build is way too easy, I’vehit people int heir back and they’ve still parried me, but You’ll probs get it right in an upcoming build :)

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