My first impressions

  • So far I really think this game has something really special to it. It’s fun easy to get into and overall a good time. I was able to jump right into the fun and mayhem as soon as I joined a match. Some things that I encounter that I think need improvement are I think that the maps may need a little bit more noise and things happening to really bring them to life. No bugs encountered so far, but the servers will be a bit bumpy at times.

  • @Celtoran Thank you for the feedback!

    You will notice changes with each round of testing for most aspects of the game; audio and environments are worked on daily here!

    Do you have anything specific that you think is missing audio or that could add more “life” to the environments?

  • @Reithur Maybe like some screams or maybe even like some Arabic/Egyptian music would in my opinion bring out more life and culture into the game.

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