I'm devastatingly disappointed in this game....

  • Played MW for a while and DW religiously. To go from those triumphs to this mess… I’m heartbroken. I won’t compile a list or explain my reasoning and to those who say this is just an alpha, get real. I knew this was going to be a disappointment from the trailer alone, and now having played it I’m devastated. What a shame. Everyone in my first match felt exactly the same way. I just don’t know how this even happened…

    It’s almost as if you guys were all drunk one night and had an idea for a game and really gave it some consideration only to come to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth the effort, but then at the last minute you had someone on the team really push for the idea and you all thought “we got nothing else in the works so why not” and here we are…

  • @393r601592625 we appreciate your honesty, but would very much like to hear the reasons why you feel this way. All I can piece together from your comment is “I don’t like it because it’s not Chivalry.”

    Is it the overall theme that you dislike?

    Is it the inclusion of abilities powered by magic?

    Is it the changes to the combat system?

  • I’m sorry to hear that you dont like the game, but I felt the exact opposite.
    I guess this game is not for everyone, just like every other game that has been made. I love the world and how it looks and so does my friends. The only thing I miss a little is the reverse overheads (which I will get use to not being there) and then the missing music (which will be applied later)

  • @Reithur said in I'm devastatingly disappointed in this game....:

    @393r601592625 we appreciate your honesty, but would very much like to hear the reasons why you feel this way. All I can piece together from your comment is “I don’t like it because it’s not Chivalry.”

    Is it the overall theme that you dislike?

    Is it the inclusion of abilities powered by magic?

    Is it the changes to the combat system?

    I apologize for the crudeness of my original post, but this hit me on an emotional level. You’d never find a stronger supporter of all things Torn Banner and when I heard you guys had a hidden project in the works I was ecstatic. I would of never guessed that I’d be here expressing my absolute devastation, but to your question.

    The theme is much too over-the-top. It’s “cartoony” to put it bluntly. Realism is what you guys did best and this just feels like an Overwatch competitor. Which to me makes no sens because Overwatch is the worst game Blizzard has ever released in all their lengthy game making history. The characters seem obnoxious and yes I do agree it fits with the overall theme, but again that is the issue.

    The abilities make the game less skill oriented. The thing about MW and DW was no matter what class you were it was all a mind game based on real world tactics. I could easily take out 2 heavy nights as a swordsman in MW, but with the inclusion of magic I find myself having to deal with unrealistic nonsense that just deters me from even bothering to try. The only guard is a momentary animation and there is no real counter to an enemies guard besides waiting for them to guard too soon or not at all. Having a battle take place only to have one of your opponents go flying in the air while another launches a magic spell at you… Ugh, I feel disgust just talking about it. Realism is what made me and many others LOVE MW and DW.

    The combat system, if it can be called that is sluggish. Each character moves as slow as the knight in MW. Even the smaller characters who wield one-handed weapons move so slow you’d think they had 2 sets of full plate mail. There is no block break. Yes you can use magic to get around it sometimes but the idea of outwitting your opponent through sheer combat skill is next to non-existent. Linking combos is quite literally impossible as all anyone would have to do to stop it would be right click once and that’d be that. Where as you could win or lose a fight in Chivalry based on your understanding of an oponents class, with this it’s a guessing game based on their magical skills… The list is endless.

    I understand this game will appeal to some. It will catch on to those few to fit their “neat idea genre”, but Torn Banner’s work meant a lot more to me and to many of those who reveled in the glory that was Chivalry DW and MW. I understand this is how the industry works and you can only do so much to appease your fanbase while bringing in new customers, but as it stands your old followers are left with 2 choices. Either go back to MW/DW or wait for one of your competitor games to be released. I’m sorry to say it but 3 quarters of the first match I played with absolute strangers was spent talking about other games soon to be released.

  • @393r601592625 Again, thank you for your honesty. We understand that a lot of people really like Chivalry because it is firmly based in a realistic-looking world. To help clarify a few things, you may want to read this article, which talks about why we’re making Mirage instead of a Chivalry sequel.

    To further clarify, we have no intention of “copying” anyone else’s style or art. Mirage has been in development for more than 2 years now.

    Some of the things you’re describing are still changing on a daily basis; the speed (or perception of speed) of movement and weapons. We’re still trying to find the right balance for those, and this kind of feedback is helpful to us.

    Either way, I encourage you to try it out some more and come back for future rounds of alpha testing to see how it changes.

  • @Reithur I’ll try to overlook my own gripes and see what good I can find out of this, but I doubt my opinion will change. I’m a realism junkie so for me personally it’s really hard to overcome that gap, though as stated I’ll give it a serious go out of respect to you guys at Torn Banner. You’ve given me countless hours of fun in the past and I figure I owe you at least that much.

  • @393r601592625 Then it’s not the game itself, it’s your own obsession with realism in games that makes you dislike it. THAT is not the fault of the devs, it’s a personal taste. That doesn’t make the game crap, it just makes it not the right game for you. Personally, I find the new art style a nice touch, something to seperate this game from it’s Chivalry counterpart.

    Do you people want Chivalry With Magic or a new game that is based on the Chivalry system, but with it’s own unique flair? I personally am glad to see the unique spin this game has, and even if some things take getting used to (and some flat need changed), overall I enjoy this game, probably more than I do Chivalry.

    You shouldn’t criticize the game itself simply because you can’t stand any graphics that aren’t realistic. If that’s the case, than games like Mario or Zelda are shit games, which the vast majority of those that play them would disagree.

    Yes, you should be free to express your opinion, but you should also be more considerate to the people making a game when saying that you simply dislike a game because it’s the type of game you don’t like. You knew what it was from the start, so why hate on it? Chalk it up to “it’s not for me.” I don’t hate on music games like Guitar Hero just because I personally dislike music games. I’m sure, in that set genera, they are pretty damn good. I just personally don’t like them.

    See where I’m coming from?

  • @393r601592625 Thanks for giving it another try!

  • @Reithur Just piggybacking here, but I want to point out that most of the realism complaints aren’t just about being “based in a realistic-looking world”. That’s just a strawman and doesn’t help anyone. The fluidity of the melee combat is what made Chiv feel so realistic, not the graphics. I personally enjoy the new art style, but the combat is nowhere near as enjoyable. The only thing that really sets that classes apart are their magic abilities, which is very underwhelming.

  • @Tofu " but the combat is nowhere near as enjoyable"
    I disagree tbh what this simply means is not as abusive or exploitable , including that ridiculous RoH removed.
    All this pandering to simply transform Mirage into some kind of workaround for Chivalry is nonsence , using same
    binds and other stuff. Well it’s a completely different game with RoH removed plus it was stated Chiv II will happen
    in the future .

  • @Wilt he’s referring to the fact that the combat system isn’t complete yet rather than any particular technique used in Chivalry.

    @Tofu our end goal is that melee combat for Mirage is fluid. Please remember that this is in Alpha and you will find many things at varying levels of completeness. Our animations and combat code are being worked on daily, which will improve how things feel in the end.

    Our server issues are not helping the overall feel of combat at the moment; we’re working on these as well.

    Can you please talk some more about abilities and classes?

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