Add the king skin and fix the double axe

  • 1. Fix the double axe. Seems the knights double axe is suprisingly underpowered.

    It’s got no reach, and its incredibly slow, which is fine, you would expect that from this style of weapon, but the thing is its got a MASSIVE BLADE on it that should easily 1 shot anything. But instead, i find myself hitting people 3 times and still having them live. It’s hard enough to hit (its slow speed makes it easy to parry) and after i just BARELY am able to connect 2 hits, the dudes still alive? and i got to hit him a third time? and if hes lucky maybe he survives it too? hell naw, this gotta be fixed. There is NO reason to use this once you unlock the pole axe. If i’m getting in that close with this thing and swinging it this slow, buddy better die on the 2nd hit. its just unrealistic for someone to survive 2 sometimes 3 hits with this thing. The great sword kills in the same amount of hits sometime in less and it has faster speed and more reach.

    2. The King should have his own skin. Would really add to the game if you ask me. Some dude with a crown and a robe on, rather then your normal player model with a “crown” symbol over his head. Give the king his own weapons too. Like either a mace or a sceptor or something, no shield (so he can be killed with bow and arrow) and give him low armor. Gives the game more of a real feel to have a real king in it.

  • I’m pretty sure the king already has his own skin, at least to the attacking team. And he already has a 2h axe, 2h sword, and 1h axe.

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