Are there Australian servers?

  • Not sure what else to type! I was keen to play but the only servers available are 300+ ping :(

  • Yea, I noticed this too.
    Surprising that they would choose Aussies to test their game yet provide no Oceania servers whatsoever. I can’t do so much as parry, its incredibly infuriating… Not surprising though seeing as Aussies make up a small proportion of their player base compared to Europe and USA.
    All we can hope is that they see our messages.


  • @Snigglet @Asparagus we have Australia servers up. We had taken down the servers for maintenance, but these are back up and running again.

  • @Reithur Thanks for the response! Will check it out some more today!

    Edit: Played on some aussie servers today and it was great, so if there are any other aussies in my position check out the AU servers!

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