03# Mirage About the servers and ?matchmaking system?

  • Hi! I really enjoy this game! So much that I’m really hoping there will be a competitive way of playing the game. I hate to compare Mirage with Overwatch, but since it has a lot of similarities with the objective maps and the 6v6 I’m still gonna do it. Because I really like how the competitive (ranked) works in Overwatch. You queue up and are placed in teams with people of the same skill level and you fight to climb the latter as far as you can get, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Of course it has it’s frustrations with leavers and people not taking it seriously, but every game has that problem.
    I dont know if this has been decided or answered somewhere else, so I’m asking how you are thinking it’s going to be? Because I feel the server way that is going on now , and that Chivalry also has is a little outdated and that it will end up like it sometimes did in Chivalry where the most experienced players would group up on one team leaving the less experienced on the other team, resulting in an unfair and not fun at all match. I hope there will be a ranked matchmaking, quick match and custom match.

  • @Asgerbaskeren we are working on matchmaking modes, but they’re not ready yet.

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