Impressions of the newer build

  • after making this post a while ago; i’d like to give some of my thoughts

    So far i’ve only managed to play an hour or so on low ping, but even on 100 ping i can definitely say the game is feeling absolutely great - all the mechanics are coming along really nicely. Really impressed with the state of the game ATM. Some of the things i’d like to mention that has made the game feel better for me since the previous builds;

    • small “jump” forward on release makes combat alot more fluid, especially when switching targets etc.
    • better turncap on some swings
    • parry feels really consistent, including vs spells
    • torso manipulation is great, thank you for adding this
    • fast HP regen
    • voice acting and general graphical appeal/immersion, gore is great and so are the satisfying sounds of the taurent hammer
    • movement and jumping in general, especially the climbing mechanic

    combat feels crisp and responsive, great job guys. Some points i could give suggestions on;

    • i found it difficult to make clutch 1vX plays due to the limited about of times i could parry, i think that if the death orb thing regen’d some of your parry meter that would be really good

    • some attacks still have too low of a turncap, like vypress/taurent stab - it’s really easy for me to just sidestep and attack when i see them coming, because i know my opponent wont be able to turn to hit me in time despite them having initiative.

    • i think the player collision bubble needs to be bigger or something - i found myself swinging “inside” of people a few times and hitting them despite them parrying. Although they didnt turn well to parry my attack, it just kind of feels like i was hitting “behind” their parry because im too close rather than skillfully baiting them to parry the wrong way

    • i think the vypress can purposefully miss (which you would try to block) then combo an attack - Your block dosen’t come back in time for you to parry the combo, might be because i was on 100 ping but if so that needs to be changed

    • i think the torso manipulation “animation” is too slow - it should be abit crisper with people’s mouse movements, but i think the animation looks great (if it even is an animation). Maybe not as crisp as CM;Ws though, because that can look quite spasticated at times

    • the alt-overhead with the taurent seems to be handle hitting alot - i’ve been struggling to drag with it because it hits them super early even when i pull it away from them. I even backswinged with it at some point without thinking, but i didn’t try it again so i’m not 100% sure if that can be consistently replicated

    • i only played 3v3/4v4 so i’m not sure how the game will play out in big servers, but i imagine it would be extremely hectic with all the spells flying around. Not sure what could be done about that to be honest. EDIT: maybe require spells to be “built” like an ultimate in overwatch? Can’t really think of much else

    • Swing Manipulation is still lacking, i can only drag with the taurent if my enemy panic blocks the windup animation. If you do still want to keep Swing Manipulatiaon in M:AW it really does add a huge amount of depth and skill ceiling to the game. But i would understand if you didn’t want to create that level of depth that CM:W has because new players getting destroyed by veteran CM:W/DW players could be bad for the game

    overall though, great job - i’d definitely buy mirage at release if it continues progress like it is

    EDIT: oh yeah really important point, you cant regen or attack while pressing C - PLS FIX !

  • @daniel10x You can feint warcry fam, then parry/attack x)

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