My Feedback From Two Days of Play

  • Quality of Life Improvements

    • On the Alchemancer, the teleport indicator doesn’t feel accurate. I’ll edit this post later with a screenshot as my evidence. Maybe change the distance on the indicator a little, or make it like a pillar so I can read the position, relative to the ground, of where I’ll teleport.
    • When you throw something or shoot a projectile, you are able to drag it for a short time. Changing the crosshair to a blue color for that amount of time could help indicate the time for drag, and help players get used to that time.
    • Also change the color of hitting a teammate from red to the faction colors, purple if you’re on Bashrani, orange if you’re on Azar. I feel that red might make people mistake it for hitting enemies, as other games use red as an indicator that you’re hitting enemies/aiming at enemies. TK’ing isn’t hitting enemies.
    • As said in the previous statement, red is usually an indicator that you’re doing something right. So, the crosshair color should change to red when you hit an enemy, instead of a hitmarker. This will be easier to see. Or, do both, for colorblind people, and to get the best of both worlds.


    • PLEASE make the respawn timers shorter. I’ve had up to 20 seconds of respawn time, essentially making me useless for a thirtieth of the game during a push game. It’s not fun for anyone to wait around for that long, and no one should need to. Death timers should not be this punishing, it adds no suspense and instead just frustration, and lowering could add more gameplay to the game. It makes the game slower, it causes people to just stand without doing anything. Reducing the timer could make the game more intense, keep people more alert instead of just doing nothing except moving. I get that people who are able to stay alive should be rewarded, but it’s incredibly boring to watch a number tick down. I cannot emphasize how I hate the long respawn timers. It makes me incredibly discontent to be removed from a fast-paced game for so long. Maybe a compromise could be that you make the timers dynamic, make them longer as the game goes on.

    • Turn the Alchemancer’s projectile (rocket) into a fireball. It fits more with the theme of his spells, such as phoenix, his fire sword, and chaos orb, using pyrotechnics, rather than a… crystal rocket? What is the projectile, actually? Alchemancer’s reload animation is even him igniting his palms on fire.

    • This is just a random suggestion, but adding more cel-shading to the game could make the art style look neater. However, you can ignore this one, if you don’t really want to change it and/or care.

    • Stuff Torn Banana Is Probably Already Working On

      • Try to lower the server ping
      • Try to fix the common crashing of servers
      • Reduce the loading times
      • Add a vote option. This should probably include a vote kick, map vote, and a randomize teams option.

  • I really like the idea of the crosshair changing colour depending on if you hit a team mate or not.

    Cancermancer had a fireball projectile up until this build when they started trying the rocket, and I can say that so far the rocket is far easier to notice as it’s less bloom-ish and handles better overall.

  • Global Moderator

    So I was reading the part about shortening the respawn timers, which I am against. I was thinking, but it’s so important to punish death though, since there’s only 6 players on each team. I get that respawning is boring, but you’re still able to watch your team and see how they’re doing, right? I was about to dismiss it, then:

    @GunpowderGolem said

    Maybe a compromise could be that you make the timers dynamic, make them longer as the game goes on.

    Um. Yes. That would actually be amazing. If respawn timers were a function of how close the objectives were to ending, that would add a whole new layer of suspense. At the beginning of each objective, it’s just a giant bloodbath, but by the end, everything matters. I would definitely accept that compromise.

  • Maybe they can add kill cam? Then at least you spend 5-10 sec watching yourself die and your ragdoll flying into the distance one more time.

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