03# Mirage Ability idea "Counter"

  • Hey!

    I have this idea that I really think would really make the combat and flow of the game even better. I got the idea from the game “Battlerite” which is currently in early access. Battlerite is a 2v2 or 3v3 arena where you need to beat your enemies with only skillshots. In “Battlerite” there is a feature called “counter”, much like parry but something that you are really NOT supposed to hit as the enemy because it can turn the tide of the battle. People are getting better at Mirage and I / we are finding out that the way to destroy the enemy team is by grouping up on 1-2 guys and just spamming them at all directions with attacks. They will die instantly. I think that if people had an ability with a considerable cooldown, that could get you out of those sticky situations now and then, or create more chaos and mayhem if you happen to be the Taurant or Vigilist. Right now winning against 2-3 people alone is hard, at least if they are as good as you are which is how the game should be (playing against equally good players) and adding the counter might make it easier, at least if you use it right and the enemy fails to read you (it will add more mindgame to the combat).

    “Counter” You stand still channelling counter for 1-3 sec (depending on what’s balanced) and if the enemy attacks and hits you from any direction something happens.

    For the Alchemancer, hitting the counter could create a big explosion knocking all enemies in different directions.
    For the Vigilist, hitting the counter could give her temporary more tankiness (50% dmg reduction, maybe) or a temporary shield.
    For the Taurant, hitting the counter could make him go berzerk increasing dmg, size, and cause his attacks to steal life.
    For the Vypress, hitting the counter could make the vypress teleport behind the attack becoming invisible for 1-3 sec but also unable to attack (if it’s too OP)

    All these are just my current ideas and of course I havent tried it out or anything but I think it could make sense to put it into the game. Or maybe try it out at least.

    I think Battlerite is an amazing game so far. I’m not a fanboy and I’m not trying to advertise it or anything. I just really think its a good feature and it adds that extra mindgame in the heat of battle plus also easier to survive those 4-6 man ganks.

    I hope people will discuss this idea with me.

    Best regards Asger (Mirage 03# Alpha tester)

  • I think parry during riposte is enough to deal with this.
    The vigilist has the 360 parry that lasts for ~2seconds that will also take care of multiple enemies attacking. There are also other abilities that can be used to make space or get away. For the Taurant you have leapslam and charge which will both give you some clearance, leapslam can be feinted after the leap so you can use it as a means to escape. The shove also parries while it’s in use. For Vypress you have even more options with dash attack/kick and phase/pounce which will easily get you away from a group of enemies. As for cancermancer you have teleport and levitate, and to a lesser degree forcepush is actually really useful. Vigilist can push back enemies with iron dome, or leap out of the way with explosive leap, use 360 parry and go berserk for a short period of time, if held parry (big rein like shield, not just regular parry that you hold) gets reimplemented there’s also that. Tinker’s backflip is really helpful, though what she really needs is to get double jump back again. And the entropist has his dank carpet.

    So no, I’m not on board with your idea here, even though it sounds interesting.

  • @Xylvion What you are saying makes perfect sense. I know this isnt a 1v1 game, but 1v1’s will occour and I dont think they are that interresting anymore. Maybe it’s because blocking is a little too easy, (The recovery until the next parry is really small) and also parrying covers a big area. I wrote about it in another topic and it will probably be changed a little I hope. And also the difference between the weapons of each class doesnt feel big enough. Is there a rough list of dmg and reach of each class and each skill?

  • This is a cool idea and reminds me of Marth’s counter from Super Smash Bros. That said, I’ll have to agree with Xylvion here that there are already plenty of escape options for most classes.

    It’s worth keeping in mind that although it is frustrating to get ambushed by 3 people, it is also frustrating to be incapable of killing someone who you’ve rightfully caught out of position. Powerful counterattacks may make people play less aggressive if they fear being punished, and that could diminish the overall fast flow and tension of the game.

    However, I think there is room for this sort of idea somewhere. What if the Vigilist had a spell like this: after a half-second to cast, she stands still while channeling an AOE dome in a wide area around her for a few seconds. If the dome blocks a ranged attack/spell during this channel, a portion of that damage is converted into bonus health for the Vigilist which decays gradually like the bonus health you gain from those blue orbs dead enemies leave behind. This bonus health could increase proportionally based on the amount of spells which hit the dome.

    Best of all, this wouldn’t require much new coding (I’m guessing) since it reuses mechanics from her existing Iron Dome spell and the blue death orbs from enemies. To make it balanced, it could last for a much shorter time than the Iron Dome, have a longer cast time, and be incapable of pushing back enemies. But, if used well, like Zarya’s shields in Overwatch, it buffs you greatly for a brief time.
    What do you guys think? Perhaps instead of increasing health it should increase damage or movement speed?

  • I wouldn’t mind something similar to Ness’ Down+B in super smash where he absorbs projectiles and turns them into health, perhaps replacing the 360 parry, or as a team buff for the Entropist that he can throw on all team mates in his vicinity (probably better).

  • @RatedMforM’lady I realised after reading your replies that there are indeed plenty of escape options including the wall climbing aswell. I just think that in most cases people are using all those “escape” abilities to engage with (the temptation is too big) but of course later might learn that they might be better for re-positioning. I like your idea with the vigilist channeling a shield absorbing stuff like a zarya shield, but how it should buff her I don’t know maybe healing all allies in it for a percentage of the dmg? That would call for more teamplay and to stay grouped.

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