Aoas strange error in server browser

  • Playing this game for 5 weeks now without problems , aoas got this strange error … when i open the server browser it finds the servers but when i click ping to sort the servers out the game crashes , error in udk.exe file.
    i tried verfying the cache , didnt solve it.
    anyone else with this error ?

    Grt C

  • Same here, game been working just fine in Beta but now after release the game is crashing like crazy. Same with the sort on ping and also upon loading.

    Also seems music is looping eventually, like on top of each other. Also music cant be disabled, if you put on lowest you can still hear the music.

    And on spawn the camera can start waayy out of the map.

  • ok , good to hear im not the only one.

    hope it get fixed with new update

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