Public Alpha build #03 - General feedback

  • Melee


    • The current turncap, though better than last build, is still far from perfect. The way it is currently overly favours slashes and punishes overheads and stabs severely making them nigh impossible to land on an enemy.
    • When fighting an enemy they can just run around you in a circle and you can’t hit them with overheads or stabs, which is very counter-productive.
    • There really is no reason at all to use stabs right now, overheads can have their use sometimes if the enemy decides to duck, but overall slashes are the most effective attack and that’s bad, that’s way too much DW-esque where LMB is the go to attack and not MW where all three attacks are viable.


    • Having LMB be the best attack really isn’t helpful when it comes to team damage and what not, it encourages people to use the attack which will most likely hit the team mate next to them as well as the enemy.
    • The overheads are way too vertical, the best example being the tinker overhead, it’s going straight down. If you compare it to overheads in chiv you’lls ee that the chivalry counterpart has a slight angle to it, meaning it starts by your right shoulder and ends by your left foot, which allows for better drags and better combat over all.
    • Thanks to the new build a lot of stabs are now way better, you can see them windup and they can be parried accordingly.
    • Feints seems to be working really well this build, they’re not too hard to read, aka no more wonky af animations for them.
    • Ghost swings are still a big problem this build, though much less so than last, they’re still driving me nuts, even if I’m the opposing end trying to parry them when they don’t even connect, or when I should’ve hit someone and they’re not hit.
    • I miss the old punishment for comboing after a missed attack, aka the transition time being longer, which I really think should be brought back.



    • To start off I want to say that parry is far more reliable this build than it has been previous builds, however, there are still some issues with it.
    • The time the parry is active is a bit long this build 0.475 - for chiv vets it might sound short, considering it’s 0.5 in chiv, but releases are also shorter in this game - This means that drags are less effective than they should be, though I’ve talked to Vesros about this already and he said that he lowered it slightly for the next build!
    • This build the parrybox is a lot larger than it’s been before which results in some unwanted events as you try to go around the enemy’s guard, instead of registering a hit - as you’d think would happen when you hit their side/back - it registers a parry.
    • Parry release tracers when they’re behind the enemy. This is something that irritates me slightly, some people are used to backswings in chiv, so they’ll try to pull off something similar in M:AW. This is terrible due to my muscle memory of parrying them, and for the overall immersion of parries, because the enemy attack isn’t parried, it just phases through me, dealing no damage, but as I parry it, as I would with a reverse in chiv, it can somewhat be dragged around and hit me afterwards (not really a problem this build due to long parry window, but will for sure be a problem in the future). I find this to be absolutely terrible and I would like to be able to parry the enemy any time during their release phase, even when they don’t deal damage.
    • This build - much like last - also features the known bug where sometimes after you parry someone they can continue with their combo, which is probably one of the most annoying things that can happen right now.


    • I find the indication of a riposte, the faint glow, to be far too insignificant to tell what’s going on. Instead I would suggest to also add the same glow as “Shove” has on the weapon while riposting. That way it would be easier to tell when the enemy ripostes so you’d know that your attack would be parried if you attack. It would also make sense considering shove also parries while you use it (consistency).
    • Stab and overhead ripostes are almost impossible to land. The enemy, after having hit your parry, can just run past you, if you either stabbed or used an overhead for your riposte, you will miss them giving them a free hit on you instead. This probably has more to do with the turncap than ripostes themself though.
    • The parry during riposte is fine the way it is, only working during the windup phase, I previously thought it was going to continue throughout the release as well.
    • I have noticed a major issue with the riposte parry as well, which I have a video uploaded to the drive of.
      As you can see first off when I pull the Vypress I can’t stab her as soon as I wanted tobecause of the low turncap, I also stab my team mate because I can’t turn away fast enough. The point however is when the Vypress ripostes an Alchemancer rocket hits her riposte, resulting in a parry from her side, that’s fine. However instead of continuing with the attack of the riposte - which would be out of range from me, hence why I attack - she insteads ripostes off of the parry riposte, allowing her to close the distance and hit me. That can’t be intended, it’s occured several time and it’s always a bit of a “wtf” moment when it does.



    • Something both Gauntlet and I seem to agree on is that the distance of dodges/sidejumps is a bit overwhelming this build, you can dodge away from any riposte, or any stab/overhead, though side dodges shouldn’t be that much of a problem with a higher turncap. To fix it either shorter distance on all dodges, or perhaps only on the back dodge.

    Torso movement:

    • Way way better this build, you can actually duck lmbs and stabs reliably now or jsut bend out of the way for them with a matrix. I have to say crouchwalking while bending backwards and using Alchemancer’s warcry is quite hillarious!

    Wall Jumps:
    Wall jumps and vaults have been wonky at certain areas this build, however I do believe that this has more to do with the maps than the mechanic itself, I can’t say for sure.

    Still looks like power walking, proper animations and synced footstep sounds should make the overall feel of speed and the game as a whole a lot better.


    Ability sounds:

    • The new louder sounds of different abilities has been really helpful, it makes it easier to notice if someone is using an ability, what ability they’re using and where they’re using it.
    • A few abilities like chaos orb still has no loud sound which is rather annoying as you can’t really tell that a big ball of fire will hit you and deal massive damage unless you see the alchemancer wind it up.

    Self Sound:

    • I can hear my own footsteps and abilities way too loudly compared to my enemies which is really annoying and harsh on my ears, especially with the high pitched sounds. Having lower sounds for your own character and perhaps even your team would help tremendously when it comes to fighting multiple opponents.

    Environment sound:

    • I have no issue with the sound being lower as something occurs behind me, though right now it’s far too low; for example: I can stand 20 meters in front of some falling water and hear it quite loudly, which is fine. The issue is when I stand 3 meters in front of it, but with my back turned and I barely can’t hear it at all. As I mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with the sound being lower, but as of right now it’s a bit too low.
    • I really love the touch of different animals, leaves, wind blowing, etc that you can hear, even the echoing and what not it’s all really nice. Being alone on a map is really tranquil.



    • I’ve been playing a good 15+ hours this build and there’s some abilities that’s just so underwhelmingly bad to their counter parts I really never see a reason to use them. Examples would be Tinker’s punch, the ability itself isn’t bad, it’s just that hook shot is so much better. Another being kickflip, dervish is just so much better. Explosive punch only seems to be decent in some certain situations when you’re against an unsuspecting enemy or you have a team mate with you in a 2v1 situation, shove is a lot better overall. Levitate seems a bit underwhelming as well, especially since it started descending over time. Death explosion is a good ability, however the long CD and the slot of dash attack/kick makes it less of a viable option.
    • Mines could still use some more range on their throws and I’m not a fan of them going poof after a set time, the old way of max 3 mines was better.
    • I think some abilities need to change slots as well (Slots are A, B, C), which I’ve mentioned quite a few times before.
      Vigilist should have Ward Strike(A), Surge(A), Impaler(A), Disperse(B), Explosive Leap(B), Iron Dome©, 360 Parry©.
      For the Vypress I would move Death explosion to (B).



    • I really enjoy the current iteration of the Alchemancer, he’s far less annoying with the less spammy rockets and the ability to parry and attack in melee; really good job guys.
    • I would however like some way to identify if an enemy alchemancer has rockets or a firesword equipped. Right now I won’t know which one until I either see him shoot a rocket or slash with the sword, having the knowledge beforehand would help greatly.
    • It seems like I can’t cancel reload for some reaosn, I’ve had quite a lot of instances where I reload and someone throws a projectile at me, phases close to me or what not and I’ve not been able to FTP from the reload or just cancel it. (Perhaps this should be posted as a bug?)
    • I do like piercing shot, however it does seem quite underwhelming as the phoenix is more versitile. If you use firesword, you’re better off with the phoenix as it’s a new projectile every 8 seconds, if you use rockets, you can throw the egg, shoot a couple of rockets, then unleash the phoenix. The piercing shot has a longer cooldown, yet it has worked greatly for me considering it hits multiple opponents, but it’s not as satisfying to use as it can be reflected. I would suggest it still going even though someone parries it, giving it that extra feature to make it a viable choice.

    Damage taken indicator:

    • I’m not really liking the way it currently works, the borders of my screen are sometimes really bloody which makes me think I have low hp, but then I look at the HP bar and see that I still have 76 hp as a vigilist. The current effect makes it seem more urgent than it really is when it comes to the health situation.
    • This build it’s far easier to tell from where I’m taking damage as I’ve been hit…
    • … But not from what, I wouldn’t mind having a different indicator take place if it’s a projectile, explosion, or melee attack that hit me Having a slightly different arrow for each of the types would help me understand if I’d have to turn around for another incoming melee attack, or if I can spare some time after getting hit by a projectile to instead attack the enemy in front of me.


    • Bazaar is way too easy to defend first stage, or way too easy to attack. You basically have to stack attack to get past the first point, and if defense has some semi-decent players and offense only has 1 or 2 it will most likely always be held at the first stage. I think this issue could be resolved in multiple ways:
      • Having the Bashrani spawn pushed back.
      • Moving one of the points closer to the azar spawn making it harder for defenders to run between the capture points instead of a 5 second travel time.
      • Lowering the total health of the seal meaning azar doesn’t need as long to complete the objective.
    • The second stage of bazaar is a lot harder to tell if it’s balanced or not, I’ve never gotten to this point when I’ve been defending as we always hold the first objective, while the times I’ve attacked we’ve completed this with a decent amount of time left in the time bank.
    • Mirrors, Waterwheel, capture points.
      I’m not a fan of the way they work right now, having two glyphs open at the same time is a bit difficult as your team will split up quite badly, which isn’t optimal for this game, there are perhaps some strats you can pull off as a team this way, constantly having 1-2 players harassing the glyp where all the enemies are at while the others are capping the one closer to you. However this is also a problem, one team runs to cap one glyph, the other to the other glyph and there’s no confrontation until glyph C spawns, it’s a slow start of the game which continues with splitting up your team which is terrible in this game as it’s for a smaller palyer count than chiv.
      I do however enjoy the multi objective drydock, but you always have proper vision of the ark from the glyph and vice versa, which is probably why it works so well.


    • Being able to start a battle cry standing still and then start walking would be quite neat, I know it can now be canceled, which is great, but if I start a battle cry and I suddenly want to move I can’t really do that right now. k thanks.
    • The sensitivity bar is currently going between 0.0 to 1.0 more or less. with only one decimal showing in the UI, I might have it at 0.2 or I might have it at 0.25 atm ,I don’t really know. If I use the setsensitivty command and type in 24 afterwards it would say 0.2 in the UI though a more proper indication would be 0.24.
    • Vypress Overhead and Alt-Overhead should be swapped, Having the regular overhead for the vypress be the alt overhead would be far better imo, I’m not a massive fan of left->right overheads as a default (Though they’re better than the underhand swings).
    • Option to toggle off motion blur, I’m not a massive fan of it and I will probably never be, some people that I’ve talked to have gotten slight headaches from the effect, which isn’t a good thing.
    • 130 FOV cap when?? It’s actually more needed in mirage with people using movement abilities and magical projectiles etc than it ever was in chivalry. I agree that 140+ is too much and causes a bit of an unwanted fish eye effect, but 120 isn’t quite high enough for what goes on in this game.
    • Voice command organization. Same for mea s for many others coming from chivalry, the voice commands are somewhat annoying to get a hang of, for example if I want to laugh I automatically press xx2 which brings up the menu, closes it, then brings it up again. Also the fact that objective-like commands have been moved to X and the more easy going commands have been moved to Z is very confusing. I’m also not too keen on double clicking a number as opposed to rpessing X or Z twice; most numbers are harder to press than both X and Z are, especially during a fight where you can do Z3 for retreat, XX2 for laughing or XX1 to respect someone.
    • Something I’ve mentioned before and will mention again is regarding reflected projectiles. It would be neat if they completely changed which team they belong to, so if you reflect a rocket and it hits an enemy vigilist that’s closer to you than the alchemancer, it just doens’t bounce off, but actually deals damage. I’ve also had times where I’ve not dealt damage to enemies before/in a while and reflected a projectile back at them causing a suicide notation for them and me not getting a kill for it.

  • Developer


    Great feedback, I wanted to speak about your sound feedback. As for the abilities, as gameplay design for abilities is being more concrete, we are making a conscious effort to have sound follow closely behind in terms of making which ability that is being used more obvious, as well as alerting players to the different states of those abilities (wind-up, release, etc). Right now tier 1 and 2 abilities are being worked on for all classes, I believe in this build most of the work that went in is on Vypress, Vigilist and Taurant, but more will follow.

    In terms of your own sound and teammates sounds being too loud when compared to enemies, we have actually already built in a system for that, however, by your feedback it appears I may have used too light a hand and will look at it more closely and adjust accordingly.

    I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the ambient vibe so far. Really maps have gotten just a quick baseline treatment, and more will come, albeit at a lower priority than gameplay and ability sounds atm. The positive reinforcement was great to get though, as I was trying to build a peaceful and immersive setting that the battles can shatter. I do have a system in place to have the ambiance come up when out of combat and dampen when in combat for gameplay clarity- will look at that closely too so that the ambiance can stand out at the right times.

    Thank you so much for taking the time and delivering some really well thought out feedback. Cheers!

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