Can't access forum or download game

  • Please help. I can’t access the forum or download game. I get a message saying I seem to have stumbled on something I dont have access to, I filled out the form idk what the issue is.

  • @madhatter if you submitted your form, you simply have not yet been added to the alpha testing group yet or received your key yet.

    Both forum access and sending the key (via email) is a manual process and not automated. We’re still adding people to the forum and sending keys twice daily; you should have access & a key soon.

  • I got my key and I made my forum account, and filled out the registration form. Need help it wont let me access forum or tutorials for download.

  • @madhatter you can download the game by going to Steam > Games > Activate a Product on Steam and enter the code your received in your email;

    As for forum access, you should already have access by now; your profile states that you are a member of the group.

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