Screen freezes for 2-5 seconds.

  • PC specs 1:
    PC specs 2:

    Played for like 6-8 hours without this issue occuring and now that it’s started it persists despite reboot of game and map changing, haven’t tried rebooting my PC yet, will update if this happens after a reboot.

    The screen freezes, it maintains whatever keys were being pressed (if I was holding W my character will keep moving forward even if I have let go or pressed a different key after it’s frozen), though it still recieves mouse input, I dragged moused down when it froze and when it unfroze I was looking at my feet. Sound also stops playing while screen is frozen

    do you need more info?

    Edit: problem seems to be becoming more frequent with time.

    Edit 2: Rebooting PC seemed to fix issues.

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