On Customization

  • Again, I’m thinking really far ahead. Customization is a long way off. There are two things I want to bring up, because I kind want to find a better solution for the first one than the one I came up with.

    Minimize the amount of colour customization. Now, I love my green, blue, and purple as much as the next guy loves their colours, (Actually probably more tbh) but I’m actually against having as much control over colours as we did in Chiv. Playing Mirage reminded me of the simpler time before customization. Back when that debate was happening, I was pro customization, but I guess my opinion has changed. I actually like it more when everyone looks somewhat similar in colour.

    Have it such that you customize a shuffle instead of only one set. Right now, when you spawn, it chooses randomly from a shuffle of models, right? The best customization system imo would be one in which all you did was add/remove helmets and accessories from a shuffle. Every time you spawned, you would still have a random combination.

  • @Skindiacus I totally agree with you. And I also feel that the way you look should represent how good you are at the game. So that you unlock certain things when you reach a certain “rank”. Or if you complete achievements.

  • @Skindiacus I’m gonna have to disagree with pretty much all of that. With customization, more is always better. Mirage is “colourful” in every sense of the word. Whilst in chivalry, it made more sense to limit colours, mirage is much more flamboyant and fabulous, and a rainbow of colours should reflect that.
    Having a shuffle of sets which is picked randomly would just annoy a lot of people. Most people would just make every set look the same, because most people want their character to look a certain way. Its an interesting idea, but I feel it would be too annoying for too many people.

  • @Asgerbaskeren
    Gonna have to disagree with this too XD
    Having clothing representing your rank severely limits choices, individualism, and creativity. Everyone should look different, your style should reflect your style, and your skill represent your skill.

  • @Loki

    There should be special helmets/clothing for ranks though. It gives people a reason to keep ranking up and awards you when you do. Not saying everything should be rank locked, just a few special things like we had in chiv; the black helm, gold helm, pink, etc.

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