• SurroundParry feels a little broke, I don’t think you should be able to attack while being invulnerable.

  • @Gibberish I can see why you think that it is OP. But the Vigilist the “tankiest” role. And when she is the front line she should have good options of surviving. I really don’t think it’s OP. I “main” the Vigilist but I dont use that ability.

  • @Asgerbaskeren Her survival is mainly her absurdly high health pool. She also has tons of zoning abilities and CC effects. Not to mention how effective her bubble can be. I’m fine with the ability except that you can attack during it. If we stick to the “role” argument, why should be able to survive and also put out consistent damage at the same time? I’d be ok if they actually buffed the spell in some way, but just remove the ability to attack during it. It’s really just a cheese spell, nothing else, not very interactive or fun to play against.

  • I only really see 3 ways to have the ability without completely changing it to something else.

    • 1: Keep it the way it is now, but moved to the same slot as iron dome. I don’t really see any major issue with it the way it is, it might be strong in a duel scenario, and in a 1vX you do actually have an active parry during riposte.

    • 2: Make it last for 5-6 seconds instead of 2 and only have it parry projectiles, basically an iron dome that can be carried, it doesn’t protect the team, but means that no projectiles can be shot at her for the duration.

    • 3: Rename it shield charge, which means she can no longer attack with it, she doesn’t deal any damage during the charge duration and she cannot be hurt either. As she uses it it has high knockback sending people flying. Unlike the taurants charge it only goes along the ground.

  • @Xylvion I like all those three ideas. And I also think the ability should be with the dome. I prefer by far to have the javelin or the knockdown thing, they are much much more fun to use. Abilities that send people flying (either yourself or the enemy) is really satisfying to use even if you are the one getting hit by it. Aerial combat is actually a lot of fun and it’s such an amazing thing that you slow down midair when you use an ability. So I only encourage more ways to knock people in the air.

  • @Asgerbaskeren
    Speaking of aerial combat, I want to see two alchemancers using levitate dueling, that’d be hillarious.

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