Overall Public Alpha 3 Feedback

  • Hey guys here’s my feedback for this third alpha. A lot of things from last alpha were significantly improved this alpha but there’s still work to be done. I’m not going to talk about balance too much because Xylvion and a few others have already touched on this significantly.


    The speed of the game feels pretty good now personally. The melee combat feels much faster over last build especially the Taurant. He’s actually my favorite class now whereas previously he was my least favorite because of his slow swings. Parrying feels much more consistent but its a bit too generous which makes it hard to get around blocks.The less restricting “turn caps” are much better too. I can actually drag and recenter my self now but overheads and stabs still need a little bit of tweaking. I think sprinting is perfect now as well and the wind effect when you sprint is a nice touch as it gives you a sense of speed. General strafing though, while I think is fine, I have heard some people say it is still a tad too slow in this build. I would avoid making strafing too fast though, or else you get a lot of DW facehugging. Ability cool downs are also really nice now, it generally works out that you will have most of your abilities back by the time the next few enemies come along so you get fair fights with each person having their abilities stocked. I prefer this over cool down decreasing while dead because it rewards people for staying alive and punishes people for dying.


    • General
      Overall the game modes need a bit more clarity in the completion of objectives. F1 and F2 are currently displaying skills and keybinds. You can add F3 to display current objective. An announcer should be added for when the match begins, the completion of objectives such as when you capture a point, or someone has picked up the artifact, and at the end of the match. I think having an announcer will help keep players focused on the objectives and aware of whats going on. Also helps liven up the game a bit, it’s kind of like those old school Fighting game or Arena shooter announcers. [ Well, lets not suddenly have a announcer screaming TRIPLE KILL!!! ] Scoring for completing objectives should also be higher. I think Pushable is fine, you get 5 per tick and it ticks at a pretty fast rate, but something like Capture the Artifact only gives 50 points, killing also gives 50. I think you should get about 100, or 150 for completing objectives. Basically, objectives should be worth more than kills. The scoring pop up I would also like to be moved a little closer to the middle, or maybe put it at the bottom. I don’t want it dead center though, cause it would get annoying, but where it is now I feel like it’s a bit too far away.

    • Capture The Artifact
      I think this mode feels okay, its round based, so it’s different than the other modes. You just get the artifact and deliver it. Again, some extra clarity like having an announcer would help keep people focused on the objective. I don’t really have too much to say about this mode, its the most basic of all the modes.

    • Capture Points
      This mode you capture glyph points that randomly awaken which drain life essence once per capture. This is a bit different than regular capture point type modes where you hold the point and it drains the enemy’s life essence over time. This one its a one time drain and then you move on to the next glyph. I don’t know if this is better than the standard way of doing this game mode, it does encourage map roaming but it could make for a very zerg like strategy of rolling your whole team from point to point as they pop up. The standard way of doing this game mode you would probably have a more split up team per capture point since you would have to defend it. So there’s way less zerging but there’s also alot less roaming around the map.

    • Pushable
      I feel like this mode is a mess. How it works here is both teams can push the payload and its a tug of war and the team that pushes it drains the other teams life essence, but it feels weird because you can also just drain their life essence via kills and the secondary objective. It’s strange because its a mode that drains life essence, instead of just delivering the payload an X amount of times. There’s also a secondary objective that drains a little bit of life essence, but if you decide to take that objective then your not pushing the payload. It can also end strangely, you could be delivering the payload then suddenly the match ends because your team ran out of life essence via kill which just doesn’t feel good. When you do push the payload to the end, it just suddenly disappears too, which also feels awkward. I don’t really know what you guys can do with this mode. Traditionally this type of mode is kind of like one team pushes the payload as attacker through multiple points, and the defending team just tries to stop it. The current mirage maps weren’t designed this way though so that couldn’t work. I think in previous alphas it was round based which might help, but in its current implementation this mode doesn’t feel good.

    • Team Objective
      Team Objective is the main mode of Chivalry. This build only has Bazaar for Team Objective and the objectives are to capture the two points and hold them, and then push the payload while the other team tries to stop you. At the moment the objectives are very basic, and it takes elements from the other game modes. I would like to see more unique objectives such as slaughtering villagers, shooting at ships, or freeing slaves. All of which are things that happen in Chivalry’s team objective mode. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like team objective on Bazaar though. When you capture the points you can see a magical entity forming who eventually blasts particles at the gate which I found pretty cool. After that it’s your standard pushing the payload affair. Gameplay wise the Bazaar map was also pretty open during the first stage and then the pathways get a bit tighter in the pushing stage so you get some nice gameplay variety. I think after this map ends it should transition to the mirrors map because that seems to be where it was leading up to.


    Not much to say about the maps, most of them are open with some verticality to it. Gameplay overall feels pretty good in them, not many tight spaces. Some of the map textures are kind of muddy though, and some have noticeable pop in. Mirror’s textures look pretty good with lots of reflective surfaces. Drydock however looks very muddy and bland. Watermill looks fantastic overall but has a lot of pop in and some textures are definitely muddy there too. Bazaar was pretty nice too overall, didn’t notice much pop in here. I think to further increase the graphics maybe adding some ambient occlusion and increased shadow resolution should help wonders. I would also like some music to be added in addition to the previously mentioned announcer. We need some main menu music, some match start music, objective stage transition music, and end match music. Having both the announcer and music added on top of the existing ambient sounds should make the game feel “fuller”.


    General Animation seems alright, stabs are kind of janky
    Ability effects should play a reaction when hitting walls/floor instead of just phasing through them
    Weapons shouldn’t clip through walls
    Vigilist [C] taunt doesn’t play a shield pounding noise like her animation suggests
    Let people know you can hold Q for Vigilist Ward Strike to delay the ability
    Taurant taunts are reflective of that of the Bashrani even when in the Azar Team
    Add some more grunting sounds when characters use their abilities, and make some ability sounds louder so you can react to them
    I think the ambient sounds should be about 25 percent louder. (I’ve lowered the other sounds to 50, and kept ambient at 100 and it still was a bit to low for my tastes)

    Final Note!
    Give Taurant a 2 handed greatsword thanks!

  • I really like the idea of having a proper objective screen show up on F3 one that could be really detailed for newcomers.
    As for the announcer there seems to already be a sound setting for it, so I assume it will be coming on the near future.
    If it comes down to CTF it would be nice to have something along the lines of “An enemy alchemancer has picked up the artifact,” instead of a generic “An enemy has picked up the artifact;” it would help newbies to focus on whoever they should focus on, but also alert more experienced players of who has it.

    As for pushable, I really loved this mode on drydock. Delivering the ark all the way results in 20 tickets, which is 20 kills or 4 captures of the glyph. The glyph is 5 tickets for a capture, that means it can mostly be left alone because delivering the ark is far more important.
    Now I can see how it might be confusing for some palyers, I’ve had games where my team has prioritized the glyph and basically let the enemies push the ark all the way. I think there might be another solution for this.

    • It would once again be round based, but end whenever one team runs out of tickets.The teams start by fighting over the glyph, the team who gets it will then have the ark spawn in their camp, they get a limited time of 3-5 minutes where they have to push the ark all the way to the other team. there could be 4 etappes along the way.
      • 1: 0-49% the team defending doesn’t lose any tickets, and the team attacking loses 10 tickets
      • 2: 50-74% no one loses any tickets.
      • 3: 75-99% the team defending loses 10 tickets.
      • 4: 100% the team defending loses 20 tickets.

  • @Xylvion Hmm, Yeah having a more detailed voice line telling you who exactly did what would be interesting. I think that would only work for some objectives though, because if you had more than one person on a capture point for example then that wouldn’t work. For the artifact though it seems like that could work well. You could tell if it was the same damn Taurant or something always getting the artifact. I like your idea for pushable where the teams will fight for the glyph then the captor gets to make the push. That and going back to round based sounds like a decently fun mode. I’m just not a huge fan of how the game mode currently is in the game.

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