PvE mod (The labyrinth)

  • I just had this idea and wanted to know if there was something like it. Would it be possible to script, model, create NPC creatures such as minotaurs, wurms and beasts, place them in a labyrinth and make it an objective based map such as “reach point a, b, c” fighting their way through a labyrinth to the center? If it were to be a multiplayer map, could we have moving walls changing available paths?

    would sort of be small mobs and then raid bosses in larger rooms like epic mythological battles against gorgons.

  • I have no idea if it’s possible, but I would totally play a mod like that.

  • @Janus3003:

    I have no idea if it’s possible, but I would totally play a mod like that.

    well I have a hand drawn level design initially for League of Legends 4 team brawl idea… but im working on learning to use UDK, Im about half way through Bucky’s tutorials that were posted in the custom content section and have a loose grasp of UDK now. I just am unable to model and I would like to make as much of the game as I can so I can add it to my portfolio when I apply to the game design program here at college.

    Im downloading Maya with a student license ATM. I would like to make some custom torches… but dont know how to make models yet. Also, making textures is out of my reach but perhaps i can find a way.

  • I SO love this idea- I would kill for it to become a reality.

    I think it’d be cool to just create it as a gametype- Dungeon or Quest mode. You could play with 3 other people, and the goal would be to get to a certain point- or even just fight a number of monsters. I love the idea of Minotaurs in a Labrynth- you could do like huge rats and goblins and stuff too. Maybe a crypt with zombies and skeletons? There are all sorts of sweet options. With this combat system that would be so legit.

    As for the possibility- I feel as though it would be fairly simple to start. I imagine Minotaurs as huge, but more human like, and using hammers or axes. For simplicity sake, it wouldn’t be too hard to custom models with the already programmed AI Bots, to get the project started.

  • lol thanks, i love the idea too obviously but dont have the skills or time sadly. Im bogged down with homework :(

  • It’s doable. :)

  • Now we just have to find a team willing to go with it! Although I think TB would benefit a lot from making this a real feature…. ;)

    They wouldn’t go with the fantastical stuff though.

  • Some co-op gameplay would be fun against bots or something. I’d be all about it as long as I can smash crap with my maul! :D

  • Yes, this is completely possible. The nice thing about modding/scripting, is that there is always a way to make something work. Its like creating a table but you don’t have wood like a conventional table would. However, you do have a heaume (squarish full plate helmet) and a shield – so when you put the shield on top of the heaume, bam! its a table! It may be different on how it normally is modded/codded, but its still a table!

    Wish we could get Helm’s deep modded soon, that’d be a lot of fun!

  • This needs to happen!

  • UDK AI sucks something fierce without heavy scripting changes. Like even if you give them all kinds of behavior via kismet, they’ll still be really bad.

  • Even if we could just use the simple bots already programmed, I’d be happy fighting lame AI’d bots with my friends. Hahaha

  • This is such a great idea , i hope to see it one day :]

  • I am very much “for” this kind of idea.

  • One thing I learned about modding in my times of Morrowind is that as long you have the tool that the creators used, nothing is impossible.

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