• Shore is a nice concept and beatiful map, but the last stage is next to impossible with 32 players and above. The bug with the indicators helps a bit, but Masons can win only with a superior leader or very unbalanced teams.

    The reasons can more or less be tracked to the long run with the agathian spawn in the middle, so after one point, the Masons cannot really have reinforcements, while there is a direct passage from the Agathian spawn to the last area. I ran some ideas with fellow players, and this particular one had some positive feedback even from the Agathian side:

    Put respawning bots (like those in Irilla) around the final boat.

    This would prevent the Agathians to safely gang on the shore, blocking the way of Masons on the last few meters (sending them back to a ridiculously far spawn), but not too radically – they would just have to constantly fight the bots, distracting them enough to let the Masons slip through if organized correctly. It would also provide reinforcements for the few Masons that got there (others, killed on the way, will catch up way later than Agathians who fell in the process). Last, but not least, it would even make more sense – one might wonder how that oversized man at arms can withstand Agathian pressure. It is a different sory if well-armed “bodyguards” are waiting the smaller squad that dared to enter the castle to steal the flag.