Feedback regarding voice command layout.

  • The voice command layout in Mirage is very different from that of Chivalry, which makes switching between the games quite confusing. After quite a few hours in chiv I’m used to combine XX2 to laugh, if I do that in mirage, it will bring up the menu, remove it, then bring it up again (X and 2 can be used to bring up the menu, Z and 1 as well).
    There is probably some thought behind the new system of using X11 instead of XX1, however I’m not a fan of it, it feels weird to do it that way as I don’t like keeping my fingers off of the movement keys for too long. To press X I can still move in every direction that I want to, to press 2 I have to move my middle finger off of the W key, which cripples my movement; I rather press the X key twice than the 2 key.
    I have nothing against the current system existing, some people might prefer it, but I would like for the CMW way of double clicking the voice com key to also be an option.

    The major issue with the current voice commands isn’t the fact that X22 is more of an annoyance than XX2, instead it’s the layout of the voice commands and how they’ve all completely swapped places. In addition there’s also 6 new voice commands, and 5 of the chivalry ones are gone.

    This is the current layout in mirage for the voice commands.

    This is how it is in chivalry.

    I find this to be really quite annoying as no command shares the same keystrokes. Due to playing chivalry I will press X3 for Help but my character will say “Hold your ground.” This feels off, especially when the voice commands as a whole are very similar between the games. Instead I would like to suggest them to be in the following order:


    It would be a lot more similar to the Chivalry system, with the only adjustments of having the new voice commands replace ones that don’t exist in the game, for example Z4 isn’t “Kill the archers” but instead “Confusion.”

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