Recruiting Message for EU players

  • Hello, I am Knight Kauser.
    I currently help in the leadership of a competitive team known as Syndicate. Over the past month we have been trying to form a European team that operates alongside our North American team, so far efforts have been unsuccessful. We currently do not want to simply drop all European members we currently have for ethical reasons and other complications that could occur, so instead we are going to simply go through with our goal to create a European Syndicate team.

    Syndicate is currently seeking any European player regardless of skill who is active in the game. We are willing to train new players from scratch if that’s what it takes, we are simply looking for loyalty and commitment from New players.

    If you are interested and have any questions about our team, feel free to post it on this thread, our official thread or message me on Xbox (GT: Knight Kauser).

    Official Thread:


  • Current EU players:

    Le dank toucan
    TGL Skylord

  • Sorry, that link is broken for some reason.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. You can find our official thread by going to the ‘Console Clan Hub’ and finding a thread called " Syndicate Official Thread"

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