Alpha Phase 3 Feedback

  • Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay on my feedback but here it is.

    I have only been a part of the third round of alpha testing so I can’t compare to prior versions, but I am delighted with how the game played. To give some context, I have 854 hours in Chiv and feel comfortable fighting anyone and everyone.

    So, onto Mirage. This game feels good, the ambiance is beautiful and the voice overs are as hilarious as ever. I spent 29 hours over the alpha phase to take in as much of the experience as possible.

    My most rewarding experience was playing Alchemancer against Vesros’ Alchemancer. Chucking firebolts and ripping them into each other with the projectile drags or delaying them by throwing curveballs created a whole new dimension of skill. Like how Harry Potter should have been. After getting out shot by Vesros I teleported beneath the bridge on Watermill (I think) with a sliver of health and began casting the large fireball explosive ability, thankfully Vesros smelled blood. He bailed off the top after me and landed just as the projectile left my hands, resulting in his head exploding from my spell. My hands shook from exhilaration.

    The class I enjoyed the most was the Vigilist. I mained greatsword in Chiv and the spear felt the most similar. Leap into the slam ability was like crashing down from the Heavens. No one saw me coming.

    At first I was really put off at the speed of the game. It felt slow. But after 10 hours and understanding that every character can dodge it felt better. I had to adapt my parries to the slower windup and quicker release mechanics but that didn’t take long. Fights were fast against weak opponents and drawn out against stronger adversaries, as it should be. Just like Chiv, if you are a god, the weak will perish quickly. After playing all classes and understanding the abilities the amount of stuff going on was not overwhelming. Although there were some issues with attacks continuing to combo after I parried (will touch on later) the combat felt intuitive and fluid.

    I liked all of the maps aesthetically but preferred the pushing objectives the most. The ebb and flow of battling over the artifact created epic interactions.

    The most frustrating experience I encountered was the lack of delay after I parried a normal attack. For example, Keen (the god) was playing Vypress and would literally not stop spamming attack. I would manage to land a parry and he would continue comboing with normal swings. Is this intentional? Or is there suppose to be a delay after an attack is parried?

    Overall, keep doing what you are doing TBS. This game has potential. The FEEL is there and that is what counts.


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    @Vesros sounds like you got rekt tbh

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