Reverse Overhead...

  • Its plain and simple, this so called ‘mechanic’ needs to be changed.
    There is no physical way someone would be over-heading a weapon whilst looking upwards at the sky with their back at a 90deg angle to the floor… it simple and physically makes no sense.
    Not only is it near enough impossible to block, but the animation ends up being laggy, especially when put into a combo.
    Yeah yeah its a game, but its damn the best game when it comes to perfecting melee combat, and this is one of the most annoying things making the game un-enjoyable, lots of people do it and they know its a cheap tactic.

    Many thanks,


  • @Miniroll
    Make a mod or deal with it. No balance/mechanic changes are being made to the game at this point in its life. It’s not impossible to parry or counter either, so don’t use that hyperbole.

  • @Miniroll it’s definitely blockable. Unrealistic, but not overpowered or unstoppable

  • Aside from what’s been mentioned - I won’t go into the skill ceiling, blockability ETC - but I assure you it is possible to counter, though it takes a bit of practice!

    If you’re having issues with seeing these attacks I’d suggest disabling Motion blur and see if it helps, personally I much prefer this.

  • It’s an exploit , yes. But it’s not gonna get changed.

  • Banned

    When they are crouched spinning around like mongos, all you do is move away… it’s not hard to counter it’s called good foot work. Or alternatively learn to do it yourselves and exploit it yourselves.

  • @Knight-Kauser @Bennie

    Spinning was not originally intended, however was left in by TB and is not considered an exploit.


    @Reithur corrected me, edited my post.

  • It’s not gonna be in mordhau. But rainbows are in this game and are accepted. Showing your back to hit someone with a backswing has its pros and cons. If you have problems vs rainbows gitgud.

  • Don’t people call that shit “matrixing”? It looks stupid as hell and I just laugh whenever I see someone do that thinking they are using some cool advanced move.

  • @mrmojorisin matrixing is going under the weapon while swinging. Rainbows is doing an overhead while an opponent is directly behind you and hitting them.

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