Forcing First Person View on a server ?

  • Given that the third person view gives you an unfair advantage and lovinf the first person view, I would like to show what is the paramater to force people using First Person view on our server?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  • I don’t think anyone considers 3rd person an advantage.

  • Hello.

    Yeah theres already a command to force first or thirdperson or allow both.

    Its located in your dedicated server folder:


    look the file called: DefaultGame.ini

    then seach for line:


    ;Perspective lock - PLOCK_None: None
    PLOCK_1P: First-person
    PLOCK_3P: Third-person


  • @Zealot:

    I don’t think anyone considers 3rd person an advantage.

    I think most of the competitive teams forming do.

  • i am playing on first person view…. 3 games so far i was first or 2nd on server (20-30 players on servers)

    i played both… and i think on first person u can be more precise on striking enemy when on 3rd you have a little bit of a longer range view on the sides of screen

  • If it is an “unfair advantage”, why don’t they just use it then? The game is far more enjoyable in 3rd person view, as the 1st person mode gives a very claustrophobic feel. It is extremely annoying to get on a server where it can’t be used. Is there anyway that I can at least see that this is an enabled option ahead of time, so that I can know to avoid the servers, or someway to force my client to only ever use 3rd person?

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