CoC Clan on Mobile devices

  • So for anyone interested in taking a step forward and bringing some of the community to a mobile game when away from your consoles, I’ve set up a clan in a very popular mobile game Clash of Clans and its open to everybody on the forums and/or on Xbox/PC/PS4 Chiv. For those of you who don’t know, CoC is a strategy game where you can team up with other players and have “clan wars” against other international teams. No, 3rd person messer range running with phantom range exploits, is not a part of it so don’t worry. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a chiv clan or not. Anyone is welcomed. I just ask that salt be put to rest while in it. Hope y’all give it a shot!

    Clan name: ClashOfChivalry (seemed appropriate)

    Edit: If you decide to give it a shot, the clan is invite only so just send a request with your Gamertag/PSN/Steam name or Forum username letting me know you’re of the Chiv community. If there’s any questions, just let me know.

    Disclaimer: This is in no way an attempt to take away publicity or gameplay from Torn Banner studio’s games or productions. Just another way to bring the community closer when not on gaming consoles.

  • @Patriotize RIP Clash of clans 2014

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