Recruiting for the Butterflies

  • I’m not the Clan leader, we are looking for a clan leader. We have a long history, albeit not a successful one. I still remember when Buckwylde, Medleylmt, myself, Momo and Gamer came together in a HIllside Team O match to create this group that just recently disbanded after so many years. We fought against the best, but we never had direction and constantly a change in leadership caused us to fall behind DESPITE having a very talented lineup of players.

    So far we are up 3 members:

    Hulkdaddy (One of the OGs)
    XIISpartacusXII ( Also an OG (You will find I changed my name back))
    SDS Lucifer (He WILL get rid of those first three letters)

    We welcome a new President to lead one of the oldest clans to it’s new glory. And to declare war on every clan and their ugly children.


  • @XSPARTACUSX Welcome back butterflies 😊

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight

    Thank you Sir

  • Welcome back lad

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