Your video card does not support alpha blending with …

  • Hi, I’m getting a CTD followed by error re “your video card does not support alpha blending with floating point render targets…”

    I have found this error referred to in one thread on page 11 of an unrelated error thread with no solution posted

    The game worked flawlessly for me at midnight last night. Went to work, came home -
    tried to run now about 9pm, chose join game at menu, crashed while populating server list, showed the above error on first crash, just crash with no error after.

    Using a radeon HD6870, drivers up to date, haven’t tried rolling back to previous version etc yet, here’s my launch log.

    Thanks please?!

  • Developer

    The crash in the log is a server browser crash. We’ve fixed it, we’re aiming to release the first hotfix patch this weekend (so, soon) which includes this fix.

  • Thanks for the fast reply, I hope this will be the case. By the way, I utterly love this game, have played AOC for years, thank you.

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