Suggestion: Speed up combat

  • I’ve played for about an hour now and am enjoying it… except I feel like the pacing needs to bumped up a tad I still feel slow using the faster swinging characters and I can’t bear to play the slow swinging ones.

  • I agree with this, due to the slow combat, it really feels like you have massive input delay compared to chivalry.

  • it’s faster than chivalry, smh.

  • No it’s not, reverses made comp chiv very fast paced. I think their absence has left the game feeling slower, for better or worse

  • Agreed, everything feels sluggish. I enjoy the game but melee, projectile speed, even voice commands all feel slow.

  • At least 10% increase in movement speed is really needed and that was the general feeling of the rest of the players I’ve played with when a dev tested different speeds on the server we’ve been on.

    Melee needs more work on regarding range and yes more attack speed on specific weapons. It feel sluggish when you think it’s gonna hit and it doesn’t, specially in 3rd person.

    The dev we played with said that melee attacks are already at the max “reactable attack speed limit” they feel comfortable with to encourage counter play and not get instantly hit without a chance to deflect an attack. In my opinion they need to not compare the combat to chivalry and increase the phase of it since any player can cast his spells at any time, there has to be a better middle ground than what’s going on right now. The melee (and ranged) attack speed could use a significant boost and then trimmed down into a sweet spot where everyone agrees would be fair.

  • Yeah, I was there when we were messing around with the devs as well. A lot of people we enjoying 10% increase, but I think the end conclusion that 5-8 more was an improvement without being too fast. I think the speed is fine, myself.

    That said, it’s already been stated that it’s faster than Chivalry, but according to the devs, not as fast as DW.

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