Why do people play as archer?

  • Archers don’t belong in this game. They serve no purpose but to interrupt the fun parts and stop you from getting to the fight.
    If things went my way I’d just completely remove them.

  • @Goden:

    Good archer players (especially javelin archers) can shut down entire portions of the map, from my experience. It can also be very difficult to approach them because they can just shoot you in the face, even at point-blank range.

    And do not even get me started on archers just randomly shooting people in the back when they’re trying to fight. There is NOTHING in this game that is as frustrating.

    I love how archers are treated like sub-par classes and a class that should be weak. A class in game so knights, vanguards and MAAs can get free kills when they are bored.

  • Archers suck and everytime a team has 20%> archers they lose, because they take 1 hit to kill by the heavier classes. Get a shield, hold down shift and close distance between them. It only takes 2 people to kill a person very quickly, one from behind and one in the front

  • Archers would be really fun if there was 100 players in the map, 20 archers each team, and if they were all in groups. kinda like during real medieval wars where artchers were in formation behind the melee. on bigger maps.

    I dont see a real problem with them at the moment I never had this trouble with them, I simply put my shield and advance on them. its that easy…. If some people are too stupid to think of putting a shield in front of a arrow than thats their problem.

  • Why hasn’t anyone mentioned smoke pots? I play as vanguard whenever there are a ton of archers and I throw smoke pots, they can’t see shit. It works especially well on smaller maps where archers are cramped together.

  • I’ve never had a problem with archers; in fact, one of my favorite things in the world is to chase them down. I love it when they flee at the sight of me.

  • All you would have to do is have three knights with shields crouch and move towards those archers. They would be 99% invulnerable while doing that, and then the rest you can move in behind and shoot your own arrows, or quickly jump and stab over the shield knights, etc. Once you get close enough everyone can just rush forward and slaughter the archers.

  • Kill the archers!! AAaarrgghhhhhh!!

    I just wish that people would realize how much they cripple they’re own team by going archer, in TO when attacking.

  • there are suggested ways, firepots do deal dmg, multiple deal enough to kill. use your own archers, use shields, knights with tower shields will just short of ignore them. a single zweihanded using vanguard can charge them (having an ally distract the shots before hand) and kill most of them when grouped like that.

    i see archers all the time in large groups, they are not a problem, people refusesing to work around them are. archers on a downward slope vollying up isnt a exploit and it is a stratagy, its so much of a stratagy that it was actually used in warfare, because it was effective at forcing fights under your own conditions.

    it sounds like you just debunk every form of fighting them suggested, because none of them just prevent them from pickign archer, dispite they each are effective means at killing them. you dont want a way to combat them, you want them limited, if not removed. its why this thread is really going to be pointless. because we could post footage of people destroying archers and these stratagies all work, and you would still refuse to accept it.

  • I feel like the only people complaining about archers are those people that only play knight/vanguard.

  • Hey there, I only play Knights and Im happy with archers :)

  • There’s also more than one server too join. Yes, there is an occasional round where half the opposing team is Archers, but most of the time the classes are pretty spread. If you’re in a server that you feel has too many Archers just leave and join another.

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    ^ see Above for my response posted in another thread, pretty much same thing really, just another thread with complaining, AoC had 1 or 2 servers that limited archers because their clan didn’t like archers.

    Some will like archers, some won’t,

    The game is skill-based and controls like a FPS, but instead of guns and grenades, players are given swords, shields, maces, battleaxes and longbows. Set in a fictional, yet gritty and realistic world, players will fight in fast paced online battles besieging castles, raiding medieval villages and fighting for glory in the arena with up to 32 players.

    Archery takes a hell of a lot more skill than melee, learn to counter, not that hard, hell I teach people… lol


    Mass archers can be a pain, yeah, their easily wiped out though, think of it as a free kill, but if you get 2-3 archers who know how to aim and work together, think if it as your death, we’ll be laughing when you rage :)

  • @SlyGoat:

    But in general, archers right now really detract from the game more than they add to it, being just an annoyance to play against (or even to play with, if your team’s archers tend to shoot you in the back of the head, as many do) and not very deep or interesting to play as.

    I disagree entirely. Archers may be annoying to those who want to go 2h only and run around freely swinging without a care, but that’s what they should be stopping exactly. Facing good archers should force some strategy instead of just being really good at melee. I’d rather see teams have to cooperate or have MAA flanking instead of the mass removal of gameplay options.

    The reason why it doesn’t seem to be interesting is probably due to a few things:

    Lack of skilled archers - Bad archers take up viable archer slots and contribute to the friendly fire (although I’d wager these plays would hit more teammates with melee). Any ranged class will suffer from sniper-syndrome, but there’s no way around that.

    Counterplay - At this point casual players* are entranced still by the games terrific melee combat, this creates the “Faggot Archer**” response when they are forced to put down their 2h, stop spamming LMB and think strategically OR get shot and die.

    Perceived lack of depth - For melee we have Feints, attacking around blocks, different weapons with different damages, secondaries, blocking, etc. And clearly we don’t have that for archers right? Wrong. Players lacking skill or players that take the gameplay they themselves engage in could take it for granted but archers have just as much depth.

    I know when I pick archer:

    And I’ve been hit more by my own team’s melee than I have by arrows at a ratio that’s too high to be believable. And that is beyond frustrating.

    • Defined as players who do not actively try to get better, in this case people would rather votekick archers than learn to play against them.

    *Using ranged weapons breaks the internet’s rules of honor and manliness, being outplayed by this kind of trespass causes extreme rage in the victim and usually an excited utterance

  • After playing javelin exlusively for at least 6 hours, i am much better with knight. Because i had to put thought into javelin instead of slash-feint>overhead>stab combo.

  • People choose archer because:
    1. The are used to ranged combat form other FPS games
    2. They lack skills needed for melee combat
    3. They think archery is more skillful
    4. They like dealing damage without fear of retaliation

    Archery will always be less skill demanding than melee. Why? Because shooting at melee troops is a one way relationship - the archer can do damage while being immune to any retaliation while the melee player can only defend. It is mostly just the archer’s skill test.

    In close combat both fighters can and will constantly switch between being the attacker and the defender. That makes melee combat both more interesting and more complex. It is a two-way relationship.

    Not to mention archery consists of using two moves - firing arrows and very limited movement. Compare that to:

    • dancing in and out of range
    • combat sprinting
    • jumping and crouching to avoid blows
    • circling
    • dodging and leap charging
    • 3 attack types
    • timed blocks
    • kicks and shield bashes
    • feints
    • attack timings modified by mouse movements
    • guiding attacks around enemy shield
    • turtling
    • using different damage types vs. different classes
    • tactical disengaging
    • fighting multiple opponents
    • exploiting certain weapon timings and attack patterns
    • comboing
    • jump attacks
    • purposeful missing
    • etc.

    Really don’t know how anyone can claim that archery is more complex than melee. Now, I’m not saying that archery is easy or that it doesn’t demand a certain amount of skill, because it does. However it will never be as deep as melee combat in Chivalry.

  • Archer requires more skill, that’s a fact. I am saying this as someone who can top boards with knight. Archers are often forced into melee combat too.

  • I hate archers

  • I play as a archer because it requires way more skill than Vanguard and Knight to master and because it actually punishes you hard for messing up. (Death)

    There are two sub-classes i mainly play and have different strategies that i use for both. The Crossbowman and the Javelineer.

    The Crossbowman do i mainly go into a supporting role to take down stragglers, weaken those walking whale blubber tin cans that people call for Knights & counter enemy archers. I rarely enter melee with this setup.

    Javelineer is an entirely different beast. Taking down enemy archers from a short-medium range is the main reason i pick this class as well as give support to my team by trying to go behind enemies back and stab them with my Javelin dealing a sweet 75 piercing hit. You have to balance melee and ranged with this one though, because if you miss you are a sitting duck unless you resort to swapping to your secondary.

    The only weapons i really bother to use with the Archer are these:
    Crossbow, Light Crossbow

    tl;dr: I play archer because of the skill required to be effective and i love dealing death from afar.

  • While you can spam as archer and get lucky occasionally, it’s a lot, lot easier to do (reasonably) well with the other classes even if you have little skill - good luck doing the same with the archer class.

    Then again, too many times I’ve seen those that pick the class (regardless of weapon) fire point-blank into a group of people from both teams that are fighting. For me that’s just not how the class should be played - you should pick off stranglers, key targets (those firing upon others from above, etc) and the like, not be a warrior. Maybe it’s because of that and other gung-ho approaches some archers employ that get many others pissed off at the class, especially when played in bulk.

    On a side note the unlock system is a bit of a mixed bag, at least here in the early days - too many Jav guys running around trying to stab to death. Team, guys, it’s all about the team…


    I hate archers

    I hate quiche. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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