Feedback/Alpha Key

  • First of all i did´nt received an alpha key, which makes me a bit angry. I signed the for beta at the 22 April(!) and still waiting, yes the other thing for the alpha too.

    A good friend of mine got chosen for the 4th alpha phase, his internet connection isn´t fast enough to download the game so i got his key, my main problem is i can´t give feedback because iam not allowed to enter the alpha forum.

    PS: It makes me kinda sad that the first come first serve policy (as said) is utter nonsense

    Greetings from a sneaky alpha tester ;)

  • @Kaktus_Klaus we’ve been doing a mix of first and recent registrants. There were thousands of people who signed up before (and after) you and it’s unfortunate that you were missed.

    You’re not supposed to be trading keys, but we can work with this. I’ve sent you a direct message to resolve this further.