Got key, started game but cant join anything.

  • So i got my key yesterday, downloaded the game. Started it all fine. Then I see the only thing i can click is server browser. Then in the server browser there are a good amount of servers all the west ones (Im in west us) have 100 ping, and no players. Theres only one server with any players in east coast, but i figure i can try the game even with 100 ping. SO I join the east coast server, sit at the loading screen for like 10 minutes just for the game to fill up when im loading. So then I just join a west coast server with no people in it. I sit at the screen for about 20 minutes for it to then go back to the main menu and have a wall of text primarily saying connection timed out.

    Is this just me?

  • @havicdog we’ve had a few servers do that and we’re working on it. No way to tell which ones will work or not at the moment, just keep trying to join a different one each time.