Love it so far

  • Having a lot of fun so far, now that I’m picking up the combat. Really satisfying running around clobbering people with downwards mouse wheel for the “taurant?” (the big guy)
    The game has crashed once, when I chose a server. And when I speak to someone in steam overlay it either doesn’t let me click attack, or keeps click attacking without my dictation.
    I don’t really like how high the camera is, either. Not FOV but actual camera height, I would prefer to see me around my legs, like in mw or dw.
    But yeah, having a ton of fun, and with a open playerbase and customization, I can easily see myself spending another 1000+ hours on this, like I did with chiv.
    Really can’t wait until release, good job torn banner

  • What’s your favourite character class? - Big Bull guy
    What’s your least favourite character class? - The spellflinger guy
    What’s your favourite ability? The spear throw always seems to miss. maybe I’m just shit
    What’s your least favourite ability? Bull charge
    How do you feel about movement speed outside of combat? (Travelling from spawn to objectives or between objectives) wouldn’t complain
    How do you feel about movement speed inside of combat? (footwork, weapon swing speed or whether you can react to attacks, etc.) wouldn’t complain
    What were your favourite weapons to use? Which were your least favourite? best - HAMMUR. worst? dunno
    Do you play in 1st person or 3rd person? How does the game change for you when you switch perspectives? 1st person seems a little nicer, but I find it easier to SMASH with 3rd

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