comp chiv champ's alpha 4 comments

  • Issues:
    Vypress thrown teleport raises a parry as the ability is indistinguishable from shuriken; essentially guarantees a free hit if you use it to teleport on someone (is it parriable? Even so you could just aim it at their feet to the same effect)

    Hitting someone who is comboing and they occasionally don’t get flinched

    Projectiles dont flinch incoming melee attacks, they should imo

    Projectiles that you can throw through a team mate to hit an enemy

    Hitting a teammate should flinch the teamhitter so that it’s easier to 1v2 (you can position yourself using one enemy as a barrier from his ally) AND the teamhitter will be more careful in the future as it will be far more evident and punishing for teamhitting

    Alchemancer is a completely useless class and will most likely get panned in competitive play. I still can’t think of a way to redeem this class tbh. Having a class that’s emphasis is ranged will always be difficult to balance as getting hit by unparriable projectiles isn’t fun but slowing them down and making them blockable/reversable makes the class practically irrelevant. The sword choice is a nice touch but playing a melee alchemancer is essentially a weaker vypress. This isn’t a call to buff the alchemancer because again the focus should be on melee and not OP projectiles.
    Reithur let me know that you can stab and overhead with the ranged weapon loadout which actually makes this a pretty decent class, encourages close range fighting with ranged capabilities nicely.

    You can heal in stasis. I actually don’t mind getting stasis’d as it gives me a free regen. Is this for balance?

    Holding down the shield womans big long range projectile (stuns people and looks kind of like this =0= ) creates some interesting effects, I’m not sure if this is intended

    I still feel foot-speed could be slightly faster especially as the player count is low, and maybe fall damage should be nerfed to increase vertical movement around the maps

    Also why aren’t the voice commands matched up with chivs? I don’t want to have to relearn my keys just so that I can role-play effectively

    Really well done so far though, this is the first testing phase I’ve become somewhat addicted to playing. The maps are gorgeous, especially liking the illuminated caves with glowing mushrooms/water reflections. This game will suffer from the same issue chiv faced in that the pros will absolutely stomp so let’s hope there’s a wide enough player base to cope with matchmaking.

  • …noticed the same thing about the voice commands. My attacks are keybinded to 1-6. So when i do a voice command, I also do an attack. Never had this problem in Chivalry, am I missing something?

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