What does the belly flop do?

  • I don’t understand what it does

  • Pushes people back, deals damage, reflects projectiles, if you aim it down towards the ground you sorta leap into the air.

  • It does feel like a very underwhelming move though. Maybe add a special effect or something?

  • I think the main issue with it is that you either pick up a 3stack projectile which is really strong or a move to distance yourself, but then you have no projectiles and you get no benefit from the distance.

    I’d rather have it moved to the carpet slot, slot C, and then have it knock the user back more Sort of like a “stronger” force push but with slightly longer cooldown/windup. That way it could be used for even higher jumps if you aim it downwards, or as a way to escape out of sticky situations.

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    I got a kill with it.

    Pretty sure it’s OP.

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