DLC ideas and plans

  • Hello, everyone. English is my third language so please do not be offended by it.

    So, I’ve seen alot of game with their way of DLC. In my opinion, I liked how Killing Floor’s DLC works. With their paid DLC is character pack with no effect of gameplay and alot of people buy them not only for the character skin. But also to support the developer, however. Their map pack and Weapon DLC are always free for everyone who own the games. So why don’t Torn Banner learns from them?

    My idea is, Torn Banner could release a paid DLC that include character customization variation(Helmets, body part and the uniform marking) that doesn’t effect gameplay but only for looks. So people who want to buy it and have the money to do so can buy it for look and also support the dev at same time. While doesn’t gain advantage over poorer player.

    A lot of people wanted to look unique in game, judging by suggestions. I suppose they wouldn’t mind to support the dev too while looking unique in game at same time. :)

  • This is already the plan. Any DLC you have to pay for will not effect gameplay or split the community - so all new maps, weapons, game modes, etc. will always be free.

  • I see, that’s a great news for me. :)

  • I hope we will see some basic character customization that isn’t paid at least, and have the more detailed stuff for the DLC, because that would just be weird not being able to customize your character at all if you don’t pay extra.

  • Yeah, maybe something simple for free and fancy stuff for cash.

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