Looking Forward to the Future

  • I’m loving many things about Mirage so far. The abilities and characters are quite interesting and the aesthetic is beautiful, and man do I love Unreal 4. I had a few issues with the servers however, it was very difficult to find one that allowed me to join and play at an acceptable ping unfortunately and found myself doing very poorly in those situations, projectiles and weapon swings became very hard to track even at just over 100 ping. Am I just bad? Maybe, but I do have a feeling that my enjoyment will go up when the servers hit that beta stage. Thanks TB, keep doing what you’re doing.

    Long time player, first time Mirager,
    Sir Nopants

  • @Sir-Nopants Thanks for the feedback.

    What region are you in?

    Are you playing on Wifi?

  • Definitely agree with the ping. When my ping is low around under 80 the game feels damn good. When it goes like 100 + it starts getting significantly worse. A feeling of sluggishness and getting stuck when being hit by stuff.