UDK.exe stopped working on server browser.

  • I’ve been playing the game fine but since today I’ve been getting this crash.

    Temporary fix was to verify game cache with steam, then the first server I join works, but when I leave the server and load the server browser again, it crashes. This process can be repeated: verify cache -> run game fine -> go to browser -> crash.

    I’ve attached the log and dmp file.

  • You can delete the Chivalry Folder in USER/Documents/MYGAmes . After that you can play. without crash at server list. But the Problem comes again, sporadic

  • I know the devs are probably going crazy trying to figure this out doing everything they can, but some kind of dev reassurance would be nice. Just something to let us know we aren’t all completely stumped here. I love this game, but this issue is seriously killing my opinions of it right now.

  • Wow. I deleted that folder and now I lost all my unlocks? This is bullshit.

  • Happening to me too - it used to be fine, always, but now it’s crashing 50% of the time, easily. I’m certainly not deleting any folder if like the other user you lose all your unlocks - I’ve literally just gotten all of them and I’d probably stop playing if they reset to zero (rank too).

  • i pay U$$24,00 , and i cannot play my game ?

  • Yup. Just bought it too, and yet I can’t play due to these crashes. Hopefully, (and when I say hopefully, i mean THEY BETTER BE) the devs are working on this issue asap!

  • What’s going on with these server list crashes?

  • Same here, was there a patch or something?

  • Same here! I’ve been able to play once, then when I wanted to change server, bazinga!

  • Yeah erm. Having the same problem. Deleted that folder and it didn’t even help. Thankfully I’m not even level 3 so I didn’t lose anything important even if it does reset your unlocks.

    It’s a shame because I’m really enjoying this game.

  • Well I’ve installed it and as soon as i click play i get UDK.exe has stopped working. I uninstalled it then installed once more and still have the same problem.

  • Udk stop working after i click to sort servers by ping or refresh…
    -maybe the cause is because there are lost of servers but i think they will solve this on next patch.

  • Same issue here, too.

    But only when I press e.g. “sort by ping” while the servers are still loading, the game crashes. If I let it finish, it doesn’t.

    Pressing refresh also crashes the game for me.

    Hope it helps some people.

    Looks like a common problem.

  • I believe this crash has been identified and is being fixed in the patch which should be out soon.

  • Same here, game ran smoothly until today, 10/21/2012, where opening up server list will crash the entire game with this hilarious udk.exe exception after a few seconds, every time. Sorry guys, the game is fun, but if you can’t even display a list of servers without your entire game crashing, you shouldn’t be accepting money for your work.

  • Game worked for me Friday, Saturday and today until evening. Then UDK crash all the time.

  • @SlyGoat:

    I believe this crash has been identified and is being fixed in the patch which should be out soon.

    Thanks SlyGoat. ETA on patch?

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