Do Not Despair

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    Just making a shout out to all of our OG Atom friends. Lucky for you, we all know that these posers who wear your colors and bear your name are just that, posers. The name of Atom was only drug through the dirt by one person… cough Kyle cough … Atom will forever be the greatest clan (except OG HOG cuz I made those uniforms)

  • Kyle got atom clan the 24-0 streak though. Many people didnt like him but he didn’t go ganking people and being a trolling bastard like Hero did when he was leading Atom back on 360.

    Trust me, you did not want to be around when it was hero pulling the strings.

    Things ended up being cooler between old Atom and the community (for a little while) when hero left.

    Kyle wanted to crush opposition and be #1 while hero wanted to cause salt and watch the world burn, who is better in this situation?

  • HOG is also the demon spawn of hero as well.

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    @Hoplite-x-Viz I was around for all of this… I just never gave a fraction of a fuck

  • @epickillmaster as square as his head may be you still couldn’t touch him when it comes to the game so shade is a bit uncalled for

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    @Xylo idgaf he’s still a block-headed twat so shade is necessary

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