Adding some ''STRENGTH AND POWER '' to the blows of your weapon.

  • When playing this game i still don’t like the feel of the weapons.

    I had the idea, and maybe you will like it too, that changing the amount of time in the attacks would change things just right.

    Now you’re maybe wondering how I would do this, well :

    Make the windup a bit ‘‘longer’’ ( That way you can anticipate more on the attack too )
    And then release the attack while it is fastly accalerating !
    The time it takes to finish the attack should be around the same, but with this I think you will feel like you have a bit more control over your weapon. And makes draging your mouse with your attacks more satisfying imo.

    What do you all think of this idea ?

  • @Anagety I like it

  • The windup use to be a tad longer and alot of people was saying it was to slow. So animations have been sped up already. They did increase the release of the attack where it kinda looks like its accelerating from how it use to be. Im not really sure what further improvements could be made cause overall the animations and combat feels pretty good to me.

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