Question to people that record while play

  • I’ve had too many awesome moments not to record every second of my gameplay. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while playing some matches, and I want to be able to have footage of them so I can share these moments.

    I had a SLI GTX 680 4GB with a i7-3820 cpu, so I’m able to run the game with max setting at 70-90 fps. I’ve seen many people post videos that look amazing, and I doubt many of them have a better build than this so I should be able to record in the same quality.

    I tried FRAPS but everything felt laggy while playing, and then switched to PlayClaw, which claims to have no performance decrease. I’ve been playing with the configurations and it seems like Encoding it at MJPEG and 35FPS is a good tradeoff, but I would be forced to decrease some in-game settings as I want to always have 70-90 FPS.

    So I’m curious, what do other people or you do when recording videos? What programs do you use? Are you forced to sacrifice quality to be able to record properly?

    And I think it’s time to OC my gpu’s and cpu :D

  • Camtasia doesn’t cause me to lag at all, try the free trial out. It’s pretty expensive to buy though. But I find it worth it.

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