Alpha #04 general feedback.

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    This session has been interesting to say the least, the combat feels a lot more fluid, you can exchange ripostes and you can get around parries with no problems. Fighting 1vX is great as well, parry during riposte windup is amazing. Some new animations have been put into the game and tracers have been updated and are more consistent than ever before; stabs are a little wonky however, but overheads feel a lot better. (However Alchemancer melee feels very inconsistent for some reason)
    Some issues still remain, for example people don’t always flinch when you hit them, or people can still combo after you’ve parried them, both of which is really annoying. There’s also the fact that some abilities stunlock for too long, in particular Surge and Ward Strike, both of which you cannot parry a follow up attack if you parried the former.
    As for combat there’s still some things I dislike about the animations, in particular vigilist’s parry and tinkers first person stab. The underhand swings are still very annoying and I would rather have two overheads, just from different directions. And as always, I still can’t come around to liking the Vypress’ dual wielding and she remains my least played class due to that.
    Sprinting animations look like powerwalking, but the movement speed seems to be pretty much perfect right now.
    I do like being able to play the Entropist now, but I think he needs a more interactive heal, a shorter cooldown, only regenerating low amounts of health, skillshot single target ability. Something to make his healing role a bit more interesting than a 22 seconds or 40ish second cooldown. I also can’t find a reason as to why I would use belly bounce instead of grenade launcher, except because it’s hillarious. Instead I think that Belly bounce would be better off in the same slot as the carpet, but also pushing the user backwards slightly more than it currently does to make it a decent option.
    There’s not that much to mention about the current build except that things are getting better and I can’t wait for the next one!

    Playing the objective doesn’t give close to enough extra points as compared to having a killstreak or just killing enemies, I do think objective/teamplay should be encouraged and the best way to do that is giving more score to people who do just that. I tried not going near the objective at all and ended up with way more score than the rest of my team amtes even though they depleted more enemy essence by delivering the vessel.
    Something tied to teamplay and score should also be teamdamage, hitting a team mate should give you a negative 5 score, showing up on the screen in a slightly pinkish text as opposed to the other white text for kills/objective points. And perhaps even larger text showing up on the scren if you keep hitting your team mate. It could help beginners so they don’t teamkill if they do teamhit, they would stop.



    The new ticket system (Essence) is interesting to say the least. I think it might be a decent idea as an alternative to a timebased system, with the exception of trolls who would just stay in spawn not allowing the game to end.
    The first stage has become very “behind the wall” centric. Azar has no reason to move outside the wall at all, they want to cap the points as well to deplete tickets faster, the rest of the map becomes a wasteland that Bashran just runs thtough, I’m not certain this is a great idea. It does prevent spawn camping, but it also renders a lot of area on the map useless, even if it’s quite a neat environment. This stage does seem quite fair for both teams balance wise, though I have yet to have a properly balanced match on the map, but I’ve stayed away letting the enemy through to test the rest of the map.
    The amount of tickets you get seem to be to a set amount, if Bashran still has above 50 tckets they don’t seem to get any new ones, if they’re below their tickets get buffed up to 50. even if it’s 47 or in one of my cases 9. We brought the enemies down to 9 essence before they completed the first objective, and then suddenly they had 50 again, gaining 41 more essence. I do thinka set amount would be better, say 18, allowing everyone on the team to die 3 times more each - scaling with playercount perhaps.
    The portals used to get from the previous section to the new one renders a massive amount of former map design useless, I think you could save a lot of triangles from deleting everything inside that area.
    The worst part about this map is the second stage, it’s basically impossible to defend. So to start off, you have to get 50 kills as the defenders to win, that is a lot, basically everyone on the enemy team has to die at least 8 times each, on this stage alone for a victory; as compared to the last stage where you can capture the glyphs yourself to decrease the enemy essence. Then you have A and B to defend and an RNG area where the Vessel spawns. Not only do you not know where the vessel will spawn, you don’t know wether the enemy will attack A or B. Once they get to either of the points the planting of the vessel takes no time at all, meaning that you can be close yet not able to do anything about it. In this clip we had just killed the enemy team and the one carrying the vessel nearly 10 seconds before this instance happens.
    In 11 seconds I can see the enemy running towards point A, I’m almost in the middle of the map, half HP from having fought the rest of the enemy team, now I just start rushing as fast as I can to A, and so does an Alchemancer on my team; the enemy would obviously get there before us, but there’s no way for us to intercept or guard the point because he plants way too fast. Perhaps in a more organized team this wouldn’t have happened, but in an organized fight you would have to win 8 team fights meanwhile the enemies only have to win 3 to get their plants. You don’t respawn fast enough to get back to the “drop points” before they get a plant.
    Solutions would be:

    • Longer Deploy time of the vessel.
    • Only one of the deploy points active at one time, there could then be 3 of them instead of 2.
    • More plants needed.
    • Longer respawn on the vessel, and it respawning in the same place every time.
    • Less ticket gain between the objectives, 50 extra is a lot.


    Is dull and boring. The map itself has beautiful areas to explore and play, yet this game mode made it way too centric, there’s no need to even be on half the map as both objectives are in the center and both teams have their Jinn deploy areas in a line. What happens on this map is that one team stands outside the others spawn having one person run back and forth with the Jinn. It doesn’t make you want to move around, it makes you move past the enemy spawn’s most useful opening.

    • There’s the portals behind each spawn, remove them and make either a separate room, or place the teleporter around there. Down the hallway to the right of the tinker, there’s quite a bit of space there, and the same goes for the other side.
      That means you have to run longer to plant the Jinn and the team who is defending against it has multiple openings they can exit to get to their deploy point/ambush the vessel carrier.
    • Or you could move the glyph, make one glyph on each side where A and B are on CP_mirrors. There could also be demiglyphs where the Jinn deploy areas are currently, this would make the whole map active and less centric around the same area, which would hopefully prevent spawn camping as well.

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