Chivalry 2016

  • Now that it’s been a year since chivalry came out on the Xbox one. I’d like to look back on all the cansur that has been happening. Fell free to post your cancerous memories or something like that, I don’t really care…

  • Cancer memories? Starting my whole career on this garbage

  • When I used to get mass ganked by Hit Trade and Midas XD now I’m friends with all of them

  • Starting all these with I’ve cause I’m to lazy to be creative.
    -I’ve been vote kicked out of over a hundred lobbies.
    -I’ve been ganked countless times. -I’ve had bs with lag at LEAST a thousand times.
    -I’ve received dozens of messages telling me how bad I am or insulting me in some shape or form.
    -I’ve broken several buttons on 2 controllers from pressing them to many times. (Not really chivs fault though)
    -I’ve been defaulted about a dozen times.

    Still, console chiv is a thousand times better than no chiv. :D

  • @Knight-Kauser When I Found out about 3rd person

  • When I finished training GoA I Halfdan. My biggest mistake.

  • I guess the excitement of when it first came out. Clans were thriving. Competition was great. Players respected others. Constant invites to parties and private matches. Came back like 8 months later and a lot of that is gone. But still like to get on and shoot people’s heads off.

    • All the people retiring then coming back to join a clan, leave that clan to start a new clan, retire again then come back
    • the Devon clontz memes
    • ATOM x Kdinner
    • HERO JESTERZZ disbanding a clan 2 times in one year

  • Ya boi melonboimer came to town.

  • When we thought the servers would be good

  • When Chiv got its first update…oh…

  • Banned

    Joining HOG PARA…

  • @epickillmaster said in Chivalry 2016:

    Joining HOG PARA…

    Both times

  • @MaHarold said in Chivalry 2016:

    When we thought the servers would be good


  • Getting hunted through multiple lobbies by a team killer and his butt buddy who were salty over my spear work. Multiple times this has happened.

  • @Knight-Kauser woo atom x KDinner all me Boi

  • Banned

    Yanniblaze only spectating or on my team just to TK me with maul and failing 99% of the time.

  • When that guy Halfdan decided to disband GoA so the community could stop shitting themselves from fear of his vikings.

  • @HalfdanTheBl4ck look where rollo ended up

  • Getting targeted by GoW Members in pub FFAs and Winning…Half of the time…

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