Final Impressions thread!

  • After playing for the duration of the 4th round I have this to say, with the preface of these are my personal observations and feelings:

    The Taurant, Alchemancer, Vypress and Vigilist are relatively well tuned class with a good load out.

    I feel the Vigilist is very strong, and is my favorite. Two bully projectiles, one of which is on an 8 second cool down, that amazing Spiral Spear, and the most hp in the game. I had a lot of people telling me that that spear was very fast for them.

    The Vypress is a lot of fun to play. I found her dual blades we confusing. I’d like to think that it’s the view model for the left fist-grip sword. In 3rd person it’s very long, but in 1st it’s rather stubby and looks a good deal shorter than it is, causing the feeling of the sword to be off. I know a few people said they felt similarly when we were discussing it in server with the devs. Something about the animation during a combo where I may already be shaken just messes me up and makes me ask what my character is doing.

    Taurant is fine. Feels pretty sturdy.

    Alch is very fun to play. It’s pretty strong and has good options. I like the phoenix shot, and the fact you can mess around with firing direction, or delaying the bird after the egg. Spirit bomb is strong but can feel kind of weak unless you hit them dead on, and if they block it’s no big deal. Maybe it could slightly stagger, if blocked?
    I have issues with the Rocket, as well as the melee, though. The rocket can be fun to fire and curve, doesnt feel cheap to be killed by it, however, I would ask that only the LMB be used to fire and all the other buttons go to the back-up dagger. It can be a pain to go to use the melee and start firing a rocket by accident, even when you didn’t LMB.
    As for the back-up melee, it feels like it should be a lot faster than it is. It feels like you’re swinging around a banana, tbh. I think the Elemental Sword could also use some work, though it’s a lot better than the Rocket back-up. The stab for ES feels like it could use some work, I feel. I kept being put in spots where I would stab and it would seem very sluggish, and inconsistent in what you saw happening and what actually happened. Again, a few others in server said similar things.

    The Tinkerer is a lot of fun, and using mines properly is very rewarding. Stasis shot is a great move, using it properly can make a huge difference in a battle. Hook shot I found fun, but somewhat lacking, and not usually desirable over Stasis. Maybe longer hook further, or allow her to hook to team mates and pull herself to them. For the last abilities I usually chose the lunge over the kick, since I already had a good escape potential in terms of Stasis and the Mines. Her weapons felt good. Maybe she could have a grapple escape hook instead of the kickflip.

    Entropist is a cool class with useful abilities and a great mobility option. I played with the belly bounce and it seemed alright, but there was no reason to pick it over the nades, which are way more useful. Maybe give it some better damage, or make the bounce bigger? Or lower the cool down some on it, to make it available more often. The heals are great, but both felt like they needed some tuning. The heal nade felt too slow in-flight. It would be nice if it was a little more responsive. Sometimes it was inconsistent in whether a nade would heal or not, even if I fired it at my feet. The totem is great for TO games, but I didnt see a lot of people using it. It seems like the casting range is really short, but other aspects are good. The over heal is a nice feature, though it goes un-noted in the options. His melee capabilities are not to be underestimated. I heard a couple people complaining that they thought he was too fast, whereas I thought he was too slow. Surprisingly durable at 85 HP, you shouldn’t be dying with this guy.

    I like both the level design and the level aesthetic. Environments are very well done and more than a couple times I catch myself staring off at some distant vista. I particularly like the second half of Ravine. The color pallet is vibrant and tastefully executed for the most part. The verticallity of the maps (excepting mirrors) is great, and really lends well with the wall jumping and vaulting mechanics. There are spots on all of the maps that look like they’d make great shortcuts, but are just out of reach. I think it would be great if you guys improved map flow by adjusting these certain parts to be viable jumps. More on jumps later.
    I feel like certain maps aren’t good picks for the objectives they hold. Someone else already detailed this on a post here, so I won’t spend too much time on it, but there’s some great pieces of map that are just travel time unfortunately.
    Maybe give Mirrors a second level above or some walkways around the side.
    I have a real issue with the spawn doors. When ever you exit them it always feels like its holding you back. Is this a bug or some ingame lore? It’s a bit frustrating, tbh, given the pace of the game already. I don’t like that you can’t re-enter the spawn.

    I do like the objective types present in this batch of testing. Ravine’s 1st half got a bit stale, but CTF and DOUBLE CTF were fun, and even TDM had some fun KOTH elements. It would be nice to have a FFA server though.

    I’ve already complained about this to the devs but I still think wall-jumps are inconsistent at times. I was told that I’m probably pressing jump too early and for the most part that was true, but there’s still some terrain that is just plain difficult to wall jump on, just due to it’s topology. I was told that they’d work on this so I’ll leave it at that.
    I think they should make wall jumps a little better, though.

    Speaking of mobility options, the combat jump. I really like this addition to the game. I find myself using the backstep, very often to my advantage. At first I was skeptical of it but it’s great for positioning. It would be nice to see it buffed, just a little, but it’s still pretty good. The strafe step feels a little inadequate, but if it were any better it would probably be a little broken.

    In terms of customization options I hear you guys are working on it, but it would be nice to have color options in FFA and team games like we had in Chiv. More weapon and spell pls.

    If feels to me like matrixing was nerfed. Ive been able to do it every now and then but it seems to happen with a lot less frequency than usual. I thought it was a great mechanic and it’s always satisfying to pull.

    I think maybe the voice commands for the Taruant could be redone, since they dont really have the proper accent. I had to instances of people comparing his voice to that of a WWE wrestler. Tinkerer is great, keep her VA.

    I think having abilities is a good choice and allows for more accessibility, and is somewhat more noob friendly than the melee system.

    The character design is great, but I feel like the models themselves are a little lacking in polish. I feel like they could be a little bit more vibrant, they seem kind of drab in comparison to the environments.

    A lot of people are calling for an increase of the game speed. I don’t think it’s needed, but playing at 120% speed was pretty fun, if only for a short while. If I was forced to increase it, I would set it at 5-8% faster.

    When you cap a point, it would be neat to have a better effect play for the djinn when it appears and disappears. It’s kind of plain for such magical and powerful beings.

    I think 6-8 would be a good team size for team games. the 10v10 TDM server felt kind of crowded, even if it was bots.

    Speaking of bots, it would be fun to have a bot designed to fuck your shit up.

  • @Sofa thanks for the feedback!
    I’ve logged the Alchemancer rocket firing on alt-slash as a bug, and our spawn wall collision is a known issue; neither of those should be doing that.

    Most of the other things you’re highlighting are things we are actively working on (useability of mechanics like wall-jumping, animations, textures, etc.) or have made some deliberate choices on (matrixing, Taurant VOs, distance for side/back dodges).

    We’re working on weapons, abilities and customization (for weapons and characters); you’ll see more of these available as our alpha progresses.

    We’re still trying to find what’s right for our game speed; we don’t know yet whether that means increasing the speed outright or adjusting the player’s perception of speed. It’s very easy to unbalance the melee by making things too fast for human perceptions when complicated by internet conditions.

    Again, thanks for such detailed feedback, and I hope you’ll join us for future alpha tests to see how things change.

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