What does a nooby have to do to get attention around here ?

  • So as a small time Youtuber i got into chivalry and started making some video’s, here my first one
    looking for some tips and tricks on the side. to “git gud”.
    this ws the first there already is a second one out there and a 3rd and fourth in the making.

    if i ever git gud i’f love to 1v1 some of you guys out there to get the know the community a little bit ;)

    signing off,

  • @Wazzab What’s your gamer tag?

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight
    It’s not console section or video.

    This forum is mostly full of console players. The subreddit is where most of the PC players are, but they’ll just make fun of you and your video.

  • @Naleaus Checked subreddits but i haven’t seen much h8 on consoles am i missing the master race subreddits?

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