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  • So this server mod, by the name [B] Papsi, was on some US West TO server when I joined. (IGN - Redxrider)
    I liked him, he was reasonable, fair. Plenty of warning for everyone.

    Then I asked a question or two about what exactly is “derogatory” in regards to players using the word “Nigga”. I explained something along the lines of "I see people throwing ‘Gay’ and ‘Faggot’ left and right, why do they not get warned.
    He replies - “The rules are not open for discussion on a server.” And something like “Go to the forums if you want to discuss the rules.”
    I reply “I just had a question, I’m wondering about the rules” – I meant literally I was wondering. I was not trying to change them right then and there, I was wondering what exactly determines what is or is not derogatory considering all of “Nigga/Nigger” “Gay” “Faggot” and “Cunt” are technically derogatory.
    So I stop replying for a minute, continue playing the game. Pretty annoyed that an official server admin just used force of power instead of reason, much like that of a childish dictator, but whatever.

    Then another player chimes in by the IGN of “Miley Cyrus” who copies something from the rules about how no derogatory language is allowed. Just then another player says “Cunt”.
    Miley says “Cunt is derogatory”
    [B] Papsi (This is what really gets me) - “technically”
    “I can only do something about it if people are complaining.”

    I hit total wtf here. I ask a reasonable question which is met by a show of force and a warning of ban, whereas Miley asks a reasonable question and gets a reasonable response.

    I then said in a 3-line, message that I knew would get me kicked at this point because big man flexed his dick and can’t back down now, that was basically a summary of all above text.

    Last thing he says before he boots me
    “I warned you Rex”

    What a great admin. Getting unfair treatment from other players and booted just for asking questions, that really makes me want to play the game. I really don’t want to play the game anymore, knowing some unreasonable admin can just come give me the boot for asking questions about the rules that aren’t enforced until he’s playing.
    Of course I don’t know the server rules, I’ve never seen an admin on servers before.
    I’m level 19 I’ve never had to encounter someone enforcing rules before, and he boots me for asking about the details of a rule that has just now been brought to my attention? So unreasonable.

    Hope a discussion comes from this because I’m still failing to see what I did wrong. As far as I can tell, he flexed his muscles so he had to use them. What a joke.

    EDIT: Oh, it’s actually an IP ban from Official TO Server US West #03. That’s just what I want to see from a game. Macho man admins have the power to permaban me from the few servers my ping allows me to play on.

  • The actual Rule there is no Racism or persistent bullying. In other words “don’t be a dick”. Rather simple don’t you think. Don’t verbally attack people.

    Even by your story the admin simply stated that you aren’t supposed to discuss the rules on the server and he directed you to the forums. Apparently that’s a show of force to you. Someone else who saw the conversation went to carry it on and the admin eventually caved and sorta gave an answer. Which seemingly annoyed you to no end.

    Then apparently according to your story you say a really stupid “3-line” message, knowing you are going to get kicked for it, whatever it may be. Then complain about it when you get kicked for it. I mean, why’d you say what you say if you are going to complain about the consequences you knew were going to happen. That’s what I don’t get.

    Not a good idea to have dick measuring contest with a server admin. I mean you know who’s gonna win that. You ain’t banned properly or anything. Just from that server until the daily server restart.

    Anyway. To complete the answer to your questions you had on the server. This is an 18+ game. So we’re all adults. It’s also a very frustrating game. So people are going to drop some word bombs around the place. We aren’t going to kick or even warn for most of it. Which is seemingly what you want us to do. We aren’t robots who instantly react to every little verbal frustration someone has. We as human beings can see the real cases of abuse/harassment/bullying. We can separate it from the random insults or jokes that fly about. Things that will harm and things that won’t. If we see someone getting out of hand we’ll mention it in a way we see fit. Whether through a flat out warning or simply saying “hey dude, tone it down a tad and just play some chivalry”. Since people respond differently to different kinds of “warnings”. We prevent it all from escalating and remove troublesome players who want to escalate it and ignore all the warnings. Which in a way is kinda what you did isn’t it. You escalated the situation you were in. Forcing the admin to remove you temporarily. He saw no other way to defuse the situation. Papsi is one of our newer admins so he may not be fully experienced. But we try to be as human as possible in server administration which is harder to do. We all make mistakes. But we learn from those mistakes and become better admins as a result. Benefiting the community more.

    And I think you too have learned a valuable lesson. At least I hope so. Which is listen to the admins. So when an admin says don’t discuss it in game go to the forums and ask its what you should do. You would have got you answer and wouldn’t have gotten kicked. I mean it distracts from the rest of the game anyway talking about server administration in the game chat. People don’t want to read all that.

  • Like I said this was my first interaction with a server admin since I had started playing the game.

    I never bothered to read the rules because as far as I could tell, the game was player regulated.

    I understand that I deserve my share of the blame, he told me to stop, and I continued on about the rules. It just strikes me as unjust that asking a server admin about the particulars of a rule is deserving of a temp ban, whereas another player is asking questions about the same thing and gets reasonable answers.

    But he made 0 effort with me to be reasonable at all. I’m human too, and I’m not a trolling dick who goes around trying to piss people off in video games. I was asking reasonable questions. It felt like he was just dictating his personal feelings over the lobby, not enforcing rules subjectively as an administrator should.

    Regarding your first line- I thought it was rather simple, too. Don’t be a dick, don’t verbally attack people.
    Okay cool, so asking admin what he considers verbal attacks and what he doesn’t is worthy of a temp ban?
    I was asking why “Nigga” (I said N-word in game) is considered a verbal attack, but “Cunt”, “Fag”, and “Gay” are not. Why is that so unreasonable for me to ask? The other player asking got an answer.

    I’m annoyed because I wasn’t verbally attacking Papsi, at all. I was asking questions. I’ve said that a dozen times now, and I genuinely mean it. I wasn’t attacking Papsi, but he seemed to think I was.

    I really don’t feel like asking questions about the specifics of a rule is worthy of a temp ban with the reason “language.” I wasn’t using offensive language at anyone. I said “Nigga” in an endearing way the game prior, he told me not to use derogatory language, and I apologized. Then the game where I was kicked I was asking about what he considers derogatory and what he doesn’t, and he gives me nothing but warnings and threats of kick.

    And now you’re telling me that it was entirely my fault, and I’m completely to blame for not listening to the admin. It makes me feel like administration as a whole doesn’t actually care about the players/player experience, but they just care about players doing what they say. I know I’m not very quick to the point and direct, but I most certainly am reasonable. I just want an understanding of what I did wrong vs. what the other player “Miley Cyrus” did right. I thought we were asking the same thing in different ways.

  • @Redxrider review our server rules.
    If you have further issues with our official administrators, contact Torn Banner directly (instructions are in the rules).

  • This post is deleted!

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