Unable to play multiplayer

  • Got my friend Chivalry on his new steam account, and he isn’t able to play chivalry online. No servers pop up for him, and hes done nothing with the filters.

  • I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. tell him to try clicking community or workshop
    and if it crashes… check if “CMW.exe” is the problem. Cause I can’t seem to paly online or access anything online with Chivalry: Medieval warfare.

  • @Hello-eeb the following are steps from our Troubleshooting Guide.

    No Servers in my Server Browser List

    If you have no servers appearing in your Server Browser, try the following;

    1 - Restart Steam

    Chivalry uses Steam to find servers for the game. The most common cause for the server browser not populating is an intermittent connection to Steam.

    2 - Default your Server Browser Settings

    Ensure that your Server Filter is set for <All> and no other boxes are checked.

    3 - Allow Chivalry to access the internet

    Windows Defender, firewall applications, or anti-virus programs sometimes block required internet traffic from our game to Steam. Ensure that Chivalry is given full permissions through your firewalls and anti-virus programs (this is called “white-listing”).

    4 - Change Server Filters and Revert Filters

    Sometimes a filter setting can get stuck.

    1. Open the Server Browser
    2. Select Advanced
    3. Set your Perspective to First or Third
    4. Click Save
    5. Set your Perspective back to All
    6. Save and Refresh the server browser

    5 - Ensure that you are Opted out of any Betas

    1. Right click on Chivalry in your Steam Library List
    2. Select Properties > Betas4) Select None from the dropdownbox

    Betas are often older or archived versions of the game and do not typically have any servers running.

    6 - Reduce your In-Game Browser Pings setting

    If your browser pings the Steam server list too fast or frequently, servers may not load. Reduce the setting to 1500 or 3000.

    1. Go to Steam > Settings
    2. Select In-Game
    3. Reduce In-Game Server Browser value to 3000 or 1500.

    7 - Run in 32-bit mode

    If you have an older computer that has been upgraded to a 64bit system, running in 32bit mode may allow you to see servers in the list.

    1. Right-click on Chivalry in your Steam Library
    2. Select Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (32-bit) or Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior (32-bit)

    8 - Set your router to use Port Forwarding

    Follow these instructions for setting Port Forwarding for Chivalry.[portforward.com]

    Miscellaneous Causes

    The following are other possible causes of not being able to see servers in the list;
    Is anyone in your house streaming/downloading while trying to view the server list?

    Steam performs Server Maintenance on Tuesday, which often interferes with finding a server; trying again later may help.

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