No connection

  • can anyone tell me it was all good but here I come and a very long download of the game first . 0_1483435972455_B6nrdQeKZUY.jpg But in the game there’s stuff on the server does not go. 0_1483436052806_M_MBG7FtKXI.jpg (no connection ) . What to do ??

  • It’s a steam maint day, at least Tuesday am it’s always bad esp if your in eu. Also a cold snap freezing conditions.
    Apart from checking your firewall is allowing the Chivalry exe through & even forwarding ports if your into that
    I’d suggest try again this evening steam should have done its cycle plus TB is about , which is the official servers
    are with problems they can ring through and get them sorted. Lastly some old glob file was used way back or needed
    however that might be out of date nowdays or not even required

  • @Wilt and the fact that a very long loading ?

  • I often get a long time loading esp if using a 1gb ddr5 card or lower, recently I used a Quadro 2000 1gb ddr5 however
    after a few times they do get faster to load, if you dig about I do recall a parameter you can to to disable the main screen logo.
    If your with a low spec card once you get it loaded head to settings and stick it all on low save , then it should be fine.
    As your specs are not known here atm suggestions are the only way.

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