Rapidly Spreading Cowards Virus

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  • Meh. I just play shitily, so no need to invisible swing me. XP

  • The sad truth is that it will never change. This game, like many others, is full of kids/teenagers who have not been taught what sportsmanship or respect are. Because of these children whos behinds were never turned black and blue enough, the abuse of glitched mechanics and underhanded tactics is inevitable. However, it will be nice to see multiple unnameds dissappear from clans as they drag their clans down with their shit, if the league is successful.

  • This game is legit fucked if more people start using it…

    This ain’t a debatable exploit vs technique situation like ROH and backswings (at least you can learn to parry them).

    Purposeful Invisible swings is and should be considered 100% gamebreaking exploitation pure and simple.

    Widespread use of this new BS will kill the game. Remember that Activision will not fix it, so we have to regulate this shit amongst ourselves.

    I was taught how to invis too, but I won’t stoop so low as to use it–ever. This is the mindset we must start to adopt if chivalry is to limp a little longer.

    For those that don’t believe this to be an issue, I saw a screenshot in a kik chat of a player begging somebody to teach them to use this crap…this will not stand.

    For those who do know how to do it we hold the burden of great responsibility to keep it secret.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz have had a few people beg me to show them. Never gonna tell people how to do this. It’s pure cancer. I was only shown how to do it so I can tell when people are trying to do it.

  • Cowards of Chivalry always exsisted :p

  • @Knight-Kauser From my understanding and personal experience Jefdel has told the most people and Massassasin does it almost everytime I see him online. I find it funny your blaming Hom for telling people when Jefdel has literally told so many people how to do it

  • @GalliusYEET said in Rapidly Spreading Cowards Virus:

    @Knight-Kauser From my understanding and personal experience Jefdel has told the most people and Massassasin does it almost everytime I see him online. I find it funny your blaming Hom for telling people when Jefdel has literally told so many people how to do it

    It’s not about who I’m blaming, it’s the fact that anyone doing it should stop, including Jeff and mass. Homura and smokin sin were the original people to know about it. Or at least to my knowledge.

  • It might have been an accident that Homura told untrustworthy people, the bottom line is that this exploit is in the hands of irresponsible, dishonorable, people who will use it without thinking about the consequences.


    Account suspensions may be imposed for a variety Microsoft Code of Conduct violations. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Offensive or inappropriate Xbox Live profile content

    • Inappropriate in-game behavior or cheating

    • Attempts to manipulate the Xbox Live service through network

    • interference, feedback abuse, complaint abuse, or other system tampering
      Harassment of other Xbox Live users or impersonation of Microsoft staff or partners

    • Attempts to exploit the Xbox Live Marketplace or Xbox Support for financial gain

    • Account theft, phishing, or other attempts to defraud Microsoft or other players

    I’m no stool pigeon, but as a last resort we can look to the xbox live terms and conditions if this gets bad.

  • just got done with a person on xbox360 free for all who was cheating and i think it was in this way, i searched the whole map for him and could not see him even though it said he was playing then in the last 20 sec so i can’t fight back he appears and kills me no and i don’t get to respawn I’m a lvl 0 still and this jerk put me off playing for good especially if this game has a lot more where that came from. thanks a lot SlickBunny78781 you can rot for all i care!!!

  • @beastbladex7 that sucks to hear.

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 said in Rapidly Spreading Cowards Virus:

    I can’t exactly say my thoughts on it, so here’s an image that will describe it for you.

    0_1483564957167_C4KE does not approve seal.png

    Hey! You tried to learn it from Achilles…

    :Everyone Else: everyone in EU is playing it down for its apparent obvious… Even though you can do it with Stabs, Slash & overheads. There isn’t a specific way to tell unless someone does is consistently. The glitch has really put me off playing Chivalry altogether, the only way to parry it is to hear the grunt and parry accordingly.

    First person who I saw doing this glitch is MoleyRobinson But I know he wouldn’t do it competitively because he’s not like that. 4 hours later I come on FFA again and everyone knows about it… This glitch is a a disease and someone is telling people how to do it… So far I still don’t know how to do the glitch and I have no intention of learning it.

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri I only wanted to invis Halfdan for fun! It’s not like I’d use it competitive… ;)?

  • Okay. I feel like this is being taken way too seriously. It’s no different than people using exploits to get out of the map or on top of buildings as an archer with C-bow and shield; Or hiding in little spots where your character is unseeable. Obviously it doesn’t belong in the competitive scene but no exploit/glitch has even been allowed? If someone does it to you in a pub lobby, Bill Gates blessed us with this button called RT for a reason.

  • @AST-I-Hitokiri the glitch itselfs really is useless…since it’s time consuming to do and not really reliable when you lose it after you miss a swing…i really can’t see how you would use it in a competitive scenario…i know how to do it…i think i did it to you and you ran away screaming help lol…anyways i agree it could be a pain in the ass if everyone does that but i’m on the same page as patriotize…at the end of the day there isn’t a lot of people who know how to do it…and i trust the people who know are not going to abuse it…so…it’s just for fun…except you cake ,i’ll enjoy your panic parries till the end of my days muahahah

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