I Have a 32 bit client but i have a 64bit os

  • I got chivalry off of steam and after i downloaded it, it automatically installed and didnt give me an option for 32/64 i am lagging alot and i need the 64 bit client because i lag with the 32 bit, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated!

  • I don’t think that’s how it works.

  • It does work that way cause the same thing is happening to me. If i change it to Full screen: false it will still lag but not as bad how do I get the 64 bit version i would like to play in full screen. =/

  • Developer

    We only ship a 32-bit client at this point. This isn’t strange, however, many games only ship 32-bit clients; one of the nice things about x86-64 CPUs is that they can run 32-bit programs perfectly fine, even when they’re running in 64-bit mode. If you’re having performance issues, please post in the Performance/Lag Help! thread.

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