Elium - Prison Escape

  • Elium - Prison Escape is a single-player medieval-fantasy action dungeon crawler.
    It combines melee combat from this genre that we all love, with dungeon exploration in randomized environments.

    alt text

    It’s coming out on February 28th, 2018 on Steam. You can now visit the Steam Store page

    Elium - Prison Escape is mostly focused on swordfighting combat. It features 4-directional attacks with timing-based parries and an optional toggle for directional parries (just like M&B).
    It also has a secondary attack button which is dependent on the equipped weapon (produces offhand attacks when using a sword, or shield bashes if using a shield) and a few other small combat features like dodging and disarming.


    Teaser trailer:

    The AI is quite competent which makes for some tense and challenging fights.

    Here’s a rundown of some of the major features:

    • 1stPerson / 3rdPerson melee action combat: Fight with a sword, equip a shield, use your fists or even resort to fight with objects around you.
    • Action and Stealth playing styles: Hide in the shadows, turn off lights and sneak past enemies, or take your opponents by force
    • Alone or with help: Explore and fight on your own or rescue other prisoners to aid in your escape
    • Random dungeon generation: a new level layout every time the game is played, assembled from a set of hand-crafted areas

    The game is mostly done so these features are not plans or tentative claims. This is a description of features that already exist and work in the game.

    Some other screenshots:
    alt text

    alt text

    And a couple of gifs:
    alt text

    alt text

    Elium - Prison Escape can be found on Twitter and Facebook, and soon on the official website.

    I’m the developer so feel free to ask any questions :)

    PS. I did have an older thread about it but decided to make a new one

  • Quite thrilled as GeekNode has made a preview article about the game, including a couple of videos with some general gameplay

  • Teaser trailer is unveiled!

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  • I thought I tried this a few years ago when you first mentioned it but the demo had no left player binds?
    those personal use unity games on steam I often find no bindable keys or set to a righty player.
    After arguing with one developer via steam I was refunded by steam as left handed players are
    known to be left out of game bindings etc… One fails to understand why developers don’t just
    have a left and right handed config in options and be done with bindings but for video settings
    etc. I might join you on twitter though https://twitter.com/Q3loin

  • I’ve had configurable key binds since almost the beginning so you might be confusing it for another game
    I don’t have a left-handed preset but as every key is configurable, it’s easy to make it like so for the player

  • Pretty cool videos, I like the reactionary combat with parries, kicks, block… The fact that is single player turns me off a little though, it would be great to have at least a coop option.

  • Hi,

    Time for a small update.
    A lot of effort went into improving the pathfinding lately which took quite some time. But in the meantime many other improvements have been made all around.
    Among the latest, I’ve polished the way kick works when near ledges, also causing tripping before the fall

    alt text

  • Hey,

    New update to report. I’ve added an axe and will soon be finishing a mace, which help adding some variety to the combat.
    Chopping heads with the axe feels even more chunky :)

    alt text

  • Hi,

    one of the many small improvements I’ve added recently: smashable pottery!
    which of course you can grab and use as a weapon :D

    alt text

  • Danger awaits.

    alt text

  • I’m back with something new:
    here’s a gameplay video captured by Troy Harrison Chriest on youtube. a commentary version will come up soon


  • hey people, here’s a new gif showing some gameplay:

    Multi-kills never felt so rewarding

    alt text

  • Hi there,

    a couple new screenshots from the sewers :)

    alt text

    alt text

    this last one was inspired by Chivalry’s cistern level

  • so one thing led to another and now the random dungeons are mostly working in multiplayer :)

    alt text

    won’t be in the final game but I wonder what to do about this ;)

  • Short sequence of a fleeing enemy
    Better bring them down before they reach for help!

    alt text

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  • Are you taking the biscuit. Is the product marketable and finished ready for the end user to enjoy?

  • almost

  • Elium - Prison Escape is coming out next month! keep an eye for it :)

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